Has journaling NOT been your ‘thing’?  I’ve journaled for years yet I know some just don’t find the value in it.  Allow me to challenge this belief with some benefits of journaling.  

No 1. Journaling is fabulous because it’s excellent self-care. 



No 2. Brainpower

Journaling allows the stories in your head to come out on paper and sometimes they show you the path to clarity.   Often we are stuck with the same thoughts in our head and they do not dissipate until they LEAVE our head.  Connecting your head to your hand tells your brain they have been take care of.  Your brain feels relief and no longer feels it has the job to hold on to the thought. 


No 3. Anti-anxiety  

When we write our biggest fears or worries down they often lose their anxiety or terror.  How often have you said something aloud and noticed that it is not particularly likely or logical to happen?


No 4. Release  

When you write it down, you then get to the next layer within you.  You allow yourself to RELEASE and therefore, question why the feeling has risen, making space for the next layer to slough off. 


No 5. Empowerment

Another message for your inner power is that you are relying and empowering yourself by being your own therapist.  We feel proud of our self for taking care of something without seeking anyone else out.  The next problem occurs, we know we have it within us to kick butt.


No 6. Reflection  

You are able to look back and see if something has been stirring around your head for awhile and take note if you have made any progress.  You can take action on the lack of progress or congratulate yourself. 



No 7. Programming the Universe

It is telling the universe, “YES, I take time for me”.   It gives you time to slow down and BE with yourself.  Then the universe reciprocates because you have programmed it to know what you care about.

No 8. Celebration

It is a safe place to brag about yourself, your successes, your greatest feats! Often, especially women, do not take the time to celebrate all that we have achieved.  The list of what we haven’t achieved yet is long but how about all that we are able to get done in 24 hours?  This act of reminding yourself you are worthy of a cheer helps you not seek it from others or feel disappointed if you don’t get it from another.  You know you are doing the happy dance in your head and you know you rock!

No 9. Listing

Sometimes journaling just needs to be a list. A list of of your goals, list of gratitude; list of affirmations.  I know people do this each morning and sets their intentions up for the whole day. What a difference grounding your energy all day can make vs. having it spin trying to find a place to land.


No 10. Food/Diary/Calendar/Tracker

Taking note of your nourishment or your mood.  Keeping track of how food feels in your body can be excellent way to tell if it truly the right food for you.  Often we feel low energy at the same time each day and we may not notice why until it’s logged right there in black and white.

5-10 minutes per day can do wonders to release your energy and also kick start the practice. 

Often we get hung up on doing something the “right way” but there is so many ways to take pen and paper or  even draw out, doodle your feelings.  Emotion is energy and  by nature needs to move.  When it doesn’t have its outlet it often makes us irritable, restless, snarky, and can even turn inward to depression.  Give yourself a break, choose you!

One common reason I hear people say they don’t like to journal is because they worry others will intrude on their privacy and find their truths.  I’d recommend a lock box or password for your computer if that is all that is standing between you and connecting with yourself. You are too important to be put on hold.  

Kellyann, is a Nourishment Coach for women uncovering their bodies wisdom, natural feminine power source, and fueling success in all areas of their life. As an RN, I’m “prescribing” food as medicine, movement, and honoring women’s natural energetic rhythms to feel luscious and pleasurable instead of forced and thwarted. Ultimately, women are learning to show up as Queens in their true, beautiful and powerful selves. “I believe when women tap into their divine power they cause a ripple effect across all human consciousness.” You can find her at kellyannahern.com or facebook.com/ahernkellyann