Have you ever felt so thrown off course you think you’ll never get back into the flow and find ease in your life?

Living day to day, engulfed in life and business can overwhelm you. It is easy to forget how to reset and find a more calm and balanced view of life. Especially if you have let your mind, body, and spiritual balance get wobbly.


It can be tricky to discern what would bring you back to center more quickly.


Maybe you have tried to meditate and quiet your mind. Try some emotion strengthening exercises and ease your emotional health. Or you may get back on that diet and exercise routine to up your energy.
You have a trusty fall back to go to the time and again to quickly get into balance.
But did you know that the first thing we often let go of is our spiritual health and practices? It is quick and easy to create and use a spiritual practice with essential oils.
I have been using Young Living Oils for several years along with various spiritual & health practices to keep me in balance. Using Essentials oils gets my mindset ready to actively balancing my mind, body, and spirit when life feels overwhelming. For some of my Reiki healing clients, essential oils have helped them release painful memories.

Here are 3 oil practices that can get you back into the flow of balance and ease.


→ Get Ready for Your Day

If you wake up foggy or find yourself daydreaming you probably need to get grounded. After sleeping it can be hard to re-enter the real world. Your dreams may have carried you away to a far-off land, or you have a delicious daydream that is keeping you from completing your to-do list. There are many essential oils that are perfect to use in a grounding practice, some of my favorites blends (from young living) are Valor and Sacred Mountain. But you can use any essential oil that reminds you of nature or the forest
  1. Before you get out of bed dab two drops of essential oil on the bottom of each foot where the solar plexus spot is if you look up an image of reflexology. Rub in gently.
  2. Place your feet on the floor (you can remain sitting)
  3. You can them rub what is left on your hands down the back of your neck from head to shoulders.
  4. With your eyes closed, imagine the energy in your body going down to the earth from the top of your head to the floor, repeat the image several times.

This practice will have you ready for your day and keep you present and calm.


If you want to learn more about the emotional and mental health benefits of essential oils, let us know.

Setting an intention for a deep connection in your spiritual health

Sometimes when we decide to meditate, we have trouble settling in. Essential oils can bring us deeper into our intention to connect within. Have you ever gone to a church service where the priest/pastor walks through the church with an urn that has smoke pouring from it? They are using Frankincense in resin form, but it can also be found as an essential oil.
In other cultures, they often use Palo Santo, Sage or Sandalwood which also are essential oils. These scents are used as purification and a commitment to faithfulness.

To use them in your practice follow these steps:

  1. Choose an oil scent that appeals to you from the scents above.
  2. Drop one drop in your hand and gently rub hands together.
  3. Tent your hands over your nose and breath deeply for several breaths.
  4. Set the intention for your meditation to purify your surroundings and recommit to the faith that you are completely supported in your life.
  5. Sit in reflection or ask for a solution to a problem you wish to solve.
  6. Using this essential oil practice will strengthen your connection to your higher guidance and deepen your connection to your faith.

Connecting your emotions to your soul lessons

When I work with clients and use essential oils, I often find they intuitively pick an oil that has a purpose to heal something they are currently experiencing or would like to heal from the past. One client chose (with the label hidden) an oil blend called the inner child. I did not reveal the oil name and purpose until the end of her session.
At the time she had difficult communications with her mother. The oil she intuitively chose made perfect sense. Another client chose a blend that had a strong lilac scent. In the session, she cleared a memory as a child of a friend who would play with her home but pretends not to be friends with her at school.  Essential oils used with a healing intention can help uncover and clear simple emotional hurts from the past.
If you have an essential oil collection use your guidance to choose an oil to work with. If you do not have your essential oils, see if there is an Aromatherapy center or Essential oil distributor in your area who has a collection to choose from.
  1. Pick an oil that you are drawn to, the one that your eyes keep darting back to That is the one.
  2. Drop one drop in your hands and tent your nose with your hands.  Breathe ten deep breathes.
  3. Let your thoughts run and see what thoughts have some emotional charge.
  4. Do you feel any tension in your body regarding the memory? Tent your hands to your nose again and breathe into the area of tension.
  5. Sit with the memory and ask yourself what lesson it taught you. Journal if you like.
  6. Tent your hands again, use more oil if needed, Set your intention to make peace with the memory and emotions. In your own words state out loud that you forgive any wrongness you had previously interpreted in the situation and now see it’s purpose as a lesson.
  7. State your intention to feel peace now towards the past.
Your spiritual health is important to keep your mind, body and spirit balance. If you practice some of these tips to incorporate essential oils regularly into your life, you will soon find a stronger sense of self in your spiritual practice. Along with it being fun to pick and choose unique oils for different results.
If you are curious to find out more about working with essential oils, connect with me in the Wright Wellness Center Community on Facebook

About the Author

Charlene Anestis is a Transformational healing coach, Reiki Master and Holistic Health Enthusiast. Through her own experiences, she came to believe that we all have an inner brilliance that is just waiting to shine through and enrich the world. It has become her mission to help others to embrace their sensitive side, soothe their inner critic and focus on self-love so they may fully embrace their life. She helps others begin their journey through her 5 Day Inner Peace Challenge.