Each day we have our rituals. We may not be thinking, “I am performing the ritual of brushing my teeth right now,” as we’re brushing our teeth, but alas, it’s a ritual. Some rituals are boring, while some are enjoyable. Perhaps some rituals are automatic, while some are new and need reminding of. Example: One of our weekly rituals is the WWC Family Meeting. I’d love to hear about your rituals in our online community. You can request access by clicking here. We’d love to have you! Here are five daily behaviors, or rituals, that can change your life, for the better!

#1 Morning Stretching

Each morning, when my alarm goes off, I hit my one snooze and curl into Kyle, hoping that he snuggles up. Then, we snuggle for the 8-minute snooze and inevitably wake up to the soothing slow sounds from my iPhone. I thought that my morning rituals couldn’t get much better than this, plus our Let’s Make a Deal and coffee time! Alas, it could. I read about a morning yoga routine that read “You can do these 4 morning yoga poses before you even leave your bed.”

I was intrigued.

I tried the yoga routine, and while I was not apt enough in my core strength to do what she was displaying on our Tempurpedic mattress, I found that the 2 minutes I was taking to stretch was making my physical body feel fantastic! As I continued to wake up, I could continue to feel the benefits. It got my blood flowing and told my mind it was okay to take time for me. That’s just my story with this one.


#2 Afternoon Gratitude

Post-Lunch fatigue anyone? Even when I am eating a healthy quinoa salad for lunch and not indulging in some gluten-free mac n’ cheese, I seem to get that afternoon post-slump feeling that makes me want to turn the A/C on, get under a comfy blanket, and snooze for a couple of hours. I do love a good nap. However, most days, I can’t do this! I have tried to stop relying on caffeine after 12 pm for energy, and I’ve been sleeping much better because of it.

So, this started limiting what I could do to up my energy during that oh-so-alluring fatigue-nap-state. I began to do some research about holistic and psychological ways to boost energy and mood mid-afternoon, and I found a  bunch of research on gratitude and energy. After reading enough data, I decided to try this idea: when I feel fatigued in the afternoon, give gratitude for at least two things and smile. Like, physically smile.

Guys, it works.


#3 Hourly Water Glasses

When I think of rituals, I most definitely don’t think of water. BUT, this is a great mindset shift moment. Re-framing the way you look at the word ritual. I’m not good at drinking water during the day. I don’t know why… I’m just not. But, hydration is necessary, and you know, vital, for our physical being and mental health. How I do this? I made it into a ritual because rituals (or habits/traditions) are positive while telling myself “I have to drink 80 oz of water today,” doesn’t sound so good.


#4 Express Your Love

Do you have rituals to express your love? Kyle and I frequently text when we’re apart, so that’s one way we ritualistically express our love. Showing love to those you care about releases serotonin in your brain, which helps you feel positive and happy. Then, when you feel more positive and happy, you’re more likely to continue to tell the people you love that you love them! See the cycle? Think about the top 5 people in your life that you love. Tell them.


#5 Evening Moment of Peace

Giving yourself a time of peace in the evening is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. I’ll give you a minimalist example. I have started taking one-minute, yes, 60 seconds to do a breathing exercise before I get under the covers. I sit on the side of the bed and do the breathing exercise. And guys, this breathing exercise… it’s clinically proven to lower blood pressure, anxiety, stress levels, and help with pain management. Give yourself a moment. You deserve it!


Try to implement one or all of these in your life and see what happens.

Do any of these sound exciting to you? It is often the smallest shifts we make that make the biggest differences in our lives. Think about the breathing rituals I wrote about above – it takes 60 seconds. Even the busiest person in the world can take 60 seconds.

60 seconds could change your day-to-day life. That’s insane, right?! Now, take your time, take your space, and kick-ass in the world.

I hope to see you in our online community!

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