Say what you want about The Bachelor Franchise, Mike Fleiss (the creator), and the humans that choose to go on the show — but there are some major relationship lessons to be learned from watching The Bachelor, Bachelorette, and even Bachelor in Paradise.

We know, we know, it’s reality TV. But, friends, there’s a reason why this show is still on and gaining popularity.

We will continue to go into why we believe this show is so freakin’ popular and why Rachel loves it so much (and got Kyle on the bandwagon!), but for now, let’s focus on the lessons we took away from the premiere last night that can apply to every human, everywhere, who are dating or in a relationship. ?

Oh! If you prefer to hear a full analysis of the episode + these lessons, check out our FB Live!

Don’t wait to tell someone you’re interested

Seize the day. Tell the person. When you wait to tell someone you’re interested, it gives off the perception that you’re not interested. So when you pop out of the blue to let them know, it can feel disingenuous. You can avoid that questioning and intention by sharing with them how you feel when you feel it!

Relationships are NOT 50/50 (and don’t ever say that the first time you’re meeting someone!)

We talk a lot about this on the podcast and in our FB Lives — RELATIONSHIPS ARE ALMOST NEVER 50/50, and it’s not about keeping score! We all have different strengths, and that’s what makes partnerships awesome!

Humility is Attractive

When one of the guys pulled up to The Bachelor Mansion in a minivan, Becca, The Bachelorette, got weak in the knees. While she knew nothing else about this man at the time, she saw that he put thought into things and thought about real life outside of the show. By pulling up in the van, he told her that he was humble – regardless of if he truly is. If you can bring a level of humility, it’s way more attractive than being cocky… regardless of gender.

If You’re Focused on Other People, You Won’t Make a Connection

You’d think that this is pretty obvious, but in a world full of distractions it’s really easy to get caught up in comparisonitis and forget to focus on what matters most — the person you’re into! This happens all the time on The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, and every spin-off they’ve done, but it also happens ALL THE TIME in real life.

No One Cares What Color Your Suit Is

We had to throw this one in because the male model on this season was literally judging the other men based on their suit color, socks, + shoes. It was gross. No matter your gender, let the person you are interested in get to know YOU. Then, it really doesn’t matter what color or shade of grey your suit is.

Oh, also a PSA. Don’t be like Chase and generalize women. Ever. ?‍♀️Did you watch the premiere? What do you think of these lessons? We’d love to hear from you. Check out this live stream about these and join in on the discussion. And, check back next week to see how Kyle is doing, what we think of Becca’s first dates, and more! ?