Ah, Father’s Day. I realize as I’m writing this that we didn’t have a post for Mother’s Day. However, that was entirely unintentional. I got home from the hospital a few nights before Mother’s Day and as many of you know – I like to write these blogs fresh for you and not just stockpile a year’s worth and let them roll out.

So, to all of the mom’s out there that we were unable to honor here at WWC this year….


However, today’s blog is all about the DADS!

Without further ado, here are five ways to make sure your Dad feels extra loved on Father’s Day:

1. If you’re lucky enough to live near your dad, spend the day, or some time with him

Whether you’re 18 and freshly out of the house or you’re in your 60s and are lucky enough to have your parents around, quality time is a great way of showing love. If I lived near my dad, I know we’d spend the day bar and restaurant hopping, enjoying in some *legal* and *medicinal* herbs, and probably end up back at his place watching a funny or irreverent movie. While, I won’t get to be with my dad physically this year, (and it’s been that way for a few years now), I encourage you to try and be with yours. Time is just one of those things that we don’t get back. 

2. Send him a hand-made OR meaningful gift or card


“What do you get the man who has everything he wants?”

“I don’t know what to get him; he doesn’t like it when people shop for him.”

Solution: Make the gift meaningful. Give your dad something that communicates how you feel about him. You know him so well.. what will he like? Is it a meaningful hand-written card? Is it a new album? An engraved frame? A trip to a museum? A pedicure? Whatever is is, it’s all about the meaning behind it.

3. Take care of a chore that your dad dislikes doing

What is something that your dad doesn’t like doing? Perhaps it’s mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, or doing laundry? Take care of it for him. Taking someone off of someone’s plate can be SUCH a gift.

4. Pick an activity you did with your dad as a child, and re-create it

Using myself as the example here: My dad and I would walk to a donut shop, pick up some goodies, walk back home and watch something we both enjoy on the TV. Then, we’d snuggle (would be harder now perhaps) and just talk.


We’d go garage sale-ing, where I’d hop out of the car and ask in my little-kid voice, “Arwe you selling any wecords?” (that translates to: are you selling any records?) And if the answer is yes, I’d wave him up. No? I’d hop back in the car. YOU’RE WELCOME, DAD. 🙂

But in all seriousness, re-creating a childhood activity that you did together can help bring back nostalgic feelings of love and closeness in this busy world we live in nowadays.

5. If you don’t live close by, e-mail him ahead of time to try and set up a Facetime or Skype session on the day of – to see each other’s faces

For those of you (myself included) who will not get to be with their dad on Father’s Day physically, try to utilize technology to see each other’s faces. Again, time is precious.

For those of you who have lost your dad, didn’t ever have one, or for whatever other reason – this day is tough for you, I want you to remember you’re not alone. Holidays can bring up some weird feelings, for so many different reasons. Honor those and if you want to discuss it, join the discussion in our online community. You can request access by clicking here.

If you’re a father, thank you for all you do. You have such an impact on your kiddos. Don’t ever forget that.

And to my daddy-o, I love you. Happy Father’s Day!


Me and my dad, not sure of the year. <3

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