Here’s the deal: we all need ’em, we all want ’em.  

We all want to give them, and we all want to receive them.

And yet, we still are learning things about them.

Here are seven fascinating facts about orgasms and why we think they are important to share with you.


The average man needs 2-10 minutes to climax.

Don’t judge thyself for quickness. You can’t compete with science. If you’re in this average and aren’t satisfied with it, learn to change it. Also, be honest with your partner about how long you’d even like him/her to last! Remember, open communication is the most important key!


The average woman needs 20 minutes to climax.

:: baking a pie

:: painting a masterpiece

:: learning a new skill

:::: great things take time



A person can achieve orgasm past 90-years-old.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Keep yourself healthy, active, and see your doctor regularly. Go to therapy, practice self-care, and love yourself. It’s to know that pleasure doesn’t go away for a long, long time.


Two of the brain regions that are activated by pain are also activated by orgasm.

{This was just fascinating and we had to share.}


Spinal Cord injury? Try stimulating the hyper-sensitive skin around the injury.

Ultimately, it’s not impossible to orgasm when there are spinal cord injuries. There are lots of ways to achieve lots of different types of orgasms as well.


15-20% of American women have never had an orgasm.


A fifth of American women must be very frustrated and pent up! Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrlllll… come request access to our private Facebook Group, and we can have a discussion about this. Or, if you’re in this 15-20%, check out our Orgasms 101 Masterclass. It’s on demand… You deserve pleasure!


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