The advertised image of meditation, a young happy woman, in lotus posture, with a serene smile on a top of a hill, bathing in the sunshine and inner peace.

meditation meditating

The reality is that even if I manage to get my legs in lotus position I may not be able to untangle it and my mind becomes worse than a gossipy girls club on a Friday night.

I would say I have mastered myself quite well. But when I WANT to meditate, my brain can get like a 3-year-old who just has to act up. Just because it is time to meditate.

We are being sold an image, and most of us have a hard time living up to it.

Yoga, meditation, spirituality. 

They are “in,” they are cool, and they are seriously misrepresented and misinterpreted.

Not to say that the numerous methods are not worth exploring, or that the trends don’t have a good dose of truth at their base.

But we seem to have forgotten the truth of it all.

Sages, yogis, now ascended teachers; they taught about presence and awareness.

The base of meditation.

See there are as many ways to meditate as people.

You can meditate while you wash the dishes, cook the dinner, take a walk, or even sit with your family staring at the TV.

Allow me to give you a new definition of meditation: the moment(s) when you come home to yourself.

When you are fully present to yourself. Without judgment.

Feeling your body. Feeling your emotions. Noticing your thoughts.

Meditation is the art of BEING. Without effort.

Here are my best tips, that work even on the most stubborn of minds to get you started:

  1. Start with simple, silent inner statements. “I am tired.” ” I feel tense” “I am upset.” Observe how you are, how you feel. As you keep describing yourself your current state, you will feel a sense of relief. The validation of our current state of mind/body/ emotions bring relief to the human, that is so overwhelmed and spend so much time trying. So just start by validating the moment.     I AM!
  2. Notice your breath. I guarantee it will be shallow. Bring your attention from the “I AM” statements to your breath and try to breathe as deeply as you can. Drop your shoulders. Use the breath to relax your body.  Keep breathing and move your body to help the breath go deeper and deeper. Get your spine straight. Shake your limbs. Do any movement that helps your body to relax (you may even stretch for a minute). Once your body is a bit more relaxed go back to your breath again. Deep. Deeper.
  3. Find a good thought. See emptying your mind is advanced hardcore stuff. So don’t start there. Find a good thought, or (my personal favorite) start saying – or thinking- I love you. I love you. At this point, your thoughts will most probably rush back again (one of them being “this is stupid”). That is ok. Repeat the cycle.

I AM. Breath. Body relaxation. I love you (or a happy thought).

A happy thought can be a beautiful memory, the vacation you are looking forward to. Anything that allows you to just float on it.

As you practice this (and truly you can do this anytime anywhere), you will start to get a glimpse of that internal state of peace. At first, it will be a small momentary glimpse. But it will get you hooked.

You will want more.

See our brains are like computers. They can only work with data they already have. The state and art of meditation feel like a malfunction to it.

But as you start giving yourself these experiences of peace, even if for a split second, it will start showing up as “data” and your brain will find it easier to relax and give in. It will understand that this is good for you. Your brain’s job is to take care of your body. When you present it data that something is good for you, it will get on board and start supporting it.

As you practice this (and truly you can do this anytime anywhere), you will start to get a glimpse of that internal state of peace. At first, it will be a small momentary glimpse. But it will get you hooked. #guestblog Click To Tweet

That is the point when you can start silencing the mind.

Meditation is the state of being fully present, without any agenda, thought, or expectation. It is bliss; it is the ultimate recharge for your mind body and soul.

You can get there too. Start easy and small. Set yourself up for success with the above-described practice.

You can truly meditate under any circumstance. On the bus, waiting in line, with your toddler or dog all over you (I tend to have both).

Remove all restrictions and expectations. Meditation is your birthright. It is the moment you connect to your truth, to all that is and there is no right or wrong way to do that.

Indiiyah is a spiritual mentor, teacher of enlightenment and awakening. Her superpower is reconditioning you on a holistic, energetic level to overcome blocks and resistance, heal trauma from the past that’s holding you back, and reprogram your mindset so that you see the world the same way Alice saw Wonderland–pure magic everywhere you look. She runs her community, Enlightened Empowerment, on FB and works in group and 1:1 settings as well. Be sure to join her online community as she gives free high-value trainings on a monthly basis!