We’re Rachel + Kyle,

and we’re here to strengthen relationships, amp up intimacy, and spark constructive conversations in your life.

We’re Rachel + Kyle,

and we’re here to strengthen relationships, amp up intimacy, and spark constructive conversations in your life.

But we’re also the first to admit our relationship hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows.

In fact, when we first met, we hated each other. Not even kidding.

We started off on aaaaall the wrong feet.


“I was a bartender-turned-corporate trainer and was sent to help open our newest restaurant location. I was a little out of my depth and communicated in an aggressive tone almost all the time.”


“All the time.”


“And I noticed this hot redhead in the front who kep asking obnoxious questions.”


“I was super excited for this training. And then, when I saw Kyle there, I thought he was so handsome. But when I heard him talk, I was like, ‘That’s a HARD NO. He’s a condescending asshole.’ I hated him.”


“I hated you too, but neither one of us could get the other out of our heads.”

So we exchanged texts for months. And then…


“The next year, we both ended up on a training team for another restaurant. Just beforehand, I’d lost a colleague, but I wasn’t able to go to the funeral due to the training.”


“My heart broke for him. I slipped him a note that said, This must be super hard. If you want to talk at all, I’m here for you.”


“From that point on, we were inseparable. We dated, fell in love, got engaged, and were married in 2016.”

But committing to your partner or yourself doesn’t automatically equal a happy ending. (Thanks a lot, Disney.) It’s actually the beginning of a new story. And when we tied the knot, we still had a lot to learn.

Society doesn’t really “get” healthy attitudes towards sex and relationships.

Hardly anyone teaches how to communicate openly, love your body, or understand your needs (sexual or otherwise!). So much of what we pick up from the movies, sex ed, and people around us could be pulled straight out of the freaking Dark Ages. We learned this the hard way: through trial and error.

Fortunately, we weren’t completely lost. Between Rachel’s background in mental health therapy and Kyle’s years of experience as a bartender (which is its own kind of therapy), we had a ton of resources to navigate our rocky-as-hell start.

As we learned how to communicate better, we started asking big, important questions. You might have asked them, too. Questions like…

“What if everything we learned about relationships and sex while growing up is wrong?”

(It probably is.)

“Why don’t they ever teach us real communication skills in school?”

(Because sex ed and relationship skills aren’t prioritized.)

“Is there a such thing as preventative care for relationships?”


Back to our story… We started thinking about relationships & sex differently.


“A few years into my therapy practice, I started griping to Kyle. I LOVED my clients, but they were coming in for couples therapy when all they really needed were better communication skills. 


“We realized three things. First, people generally have no idea how to navigate their relationships and sex lives in healthy ways. This is because no one taught them.”


 Second, the tools and techniques needed for healthy communication, sexuality, and wellness can be learned outside a therapist’s office.”


“There, there a hardly any credible resources available. I mean, you can spend thousands to work with a psychotherapist — “


 “Which might be overkill for you.”


“Right. Or you can browse your library’s self-help section and be faced with a wall of books, some of which are no more than pseudoscience written by self-described experts. “


 “We recognized there was a huge need for something in between. And that’s when we looked at each other and said, “Holy shit, that’s what we’re meant to create.”

Through many late-night discussions, notes scribbled on napkins, and contemplative hikes in the Redwoods, Kyle and I teamed up to bridge the gap we’d uncovered.

In 2016, Wright Wellness Center was born.

WWC provides compassionate support, scientifically-backed resources, and tested tools—wherever you are in your journey.

Our aim is to fundamentally change how relationships are conceptualized by our culture, for you and for everyone. We millennials know we didn’t receive great sex education. We know we were dealt a bad hand of cards (in a lot of ways). But we want to do well for ourselves. We want to love our lives and our relationships.

No, you don’t need to have a partner to benefit from WWC. No, you don’t need to adore (or loathe!) your current sex life. No, you don’t need to have spent hours on a therapist’s couch.

All you need is the curiosity to look inward, the optimism to believe change is possible, and the tools to move forward. (That last bit is on us.)

We practice what we preach.

We’ve created a healthy, communicative, and passionate relationship by using the very same techniques we teach. Everything we have developed is research-based, because that’s how we roll.

Do we still fight? Sure. But we’ve got a toolbox chock-full of communication skills to navigate those fights with trust and respect. (And healthy make-up sex, too!)

And this isn’t some “we did it, so you can do it, too” bullshit. We recognize that each relationship is unique and needs its own tactical takeaways.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“I gained a deeper sense of self-confidence (and the ability to articulate my strengths to myself and others). My perspective on life & accomplishment has shifted from “life is linear and very goal-oriented and full of shoulds” to “life is cyclical and full of change and I am empowered to make choices”. Building off of both of those, I’ve felt more empowered to have tough conversations and try new things. I’m better at sitting with my feelings (though that is an ongoing journey!) and digging deeper into the root of those feelings.” – Megan P.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“What we’ve learned from Wright Wellness Center and about ourselves has saved our marriage.” – Trish B.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“I have been watching, learning and listening to you guys for a while now and love your approach. My life has been full, but self-care and relationships have been put on the back burner. No longer!” – Tracy S.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“I have transformed into a happier, more confident individual with a much more stable lifestyle because I’m not run by my anxiety anymore. I’ve also become a better friend/listener because I’ve learned that my perspective is not the “only right” one. I’ve been able to clean the skeletons out of my closet and release the guilt & pain I had once thought would follow me to my grave. I am free from the shackles of anxiety. You can’t put a price on that level of growth, freedom, & happiness. This investment in my life has also spilled over into my loved ones lives- helping teach what I’ve learned from my growth transforming their lives as well. Thanks to this investment, I am confident I am ending the cycle of dysfunction and will be a better parent because of it.” – Kelly D.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“I think I am able to more easily see the positive in any situation. Before feeling sad and down about any number of scenarios, I am able to think logically and find the good.” – Jonathan L.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“I think most generally I would say what I got out of our work is a set of tools I can use in the future to better communicate with people and with myself. It’s as if I took a class on emotional communication or something along those lines. I feel like I am better able to understand what it is I want and need emotionally and set boundaries based on those wants and needs in a way that isn’t hurtful or potentially damaging to those around me or me. It’s sort of like a heightened emotional awareness but also the ability to use that improved thoughtfulness to make myself happier/more OK with who I am, in the long run. I feel I can more easily rely on just me to get through things and that I’m not dependent on other people for my emotional well being as a result of working together” – Erik F

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“My return on investment was a realignment with myself, an understanding of my core values, and a belief that I’m worthy and awesome. I did not believe that when we started working together. I was broken and sad and incredibly insecure. I think our work reminded me not only of my worth but of my passions and ability to create the kind of life I want. I also felt supported, heard, and cared for, and that was invaluable. ” – Julia

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“Love it! Especially the practical tools to help make changes. Just one step at a time. And… it’s ok not to be nice all the time.” – Stephanie W.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“Just finished the replay, and it was REALLY helpful to look back through a second time. Thank you guys again so much for doing these. I have great notes, and more next steps than I can do at once! An action plan is in place.” – Shannon S.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“I didn’t even know I was doing people pleasing until tonight.” – Trish B.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“This has all been SO helpful – but I’m definitely going to need to repeat this class.” – Stephanie W.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“I really enjoyed it! I appreciate the education part and taking the time to identify what we most relate to. I so loved the tools and having practical ways to sign off and be able to go and implement these behaviors! I like the Q and A as well because it offers us a chance to ask things that might be more specific to us.” – Amanda S.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“What I got from our work was realignment with myself, an understanding of my core values, and a belief that I’m worthy and awesome. I did not believe that when we started working together. I was broken and sad and incredibly insecure. Our work reminded me not only of my worth but of my passions and ability to create the kind of life I want. I felt supported, heard, and cared for, and that was invaluable.” – Julie S.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“You guys are totally busting the stereotype of therapists being all formal and official and professional and sigmundfreud-frozen. Love it!” – Steve K.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“I was listening to the podcast while rowing this morning. Your 45 min ones are my favorites.” – Shannon S.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“You have helped our relationship evolve and helped us view things differently. It has helped us become closer and be able to communicate better. I thought your price was steep at first so we went with 3 months, I don’t recommend 3 months. We saw a huge difference and knew we needed more time with you. 6 months in and I can unequivocally say that it has been worth every penny. Its an investment that M* and I both glad we made and you have our full recommendation.” – Reuben

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“I’ve gained enhanced communication skills, courage to persevere in relationship rough spots, self reflection and self compassion, connection to community of great people also trying to deal with their sh-t, money and time savings from not having to go to in-person therapy sessions, feeling like I have Wright Wellness to support me whenever I need it. I used the Day 1 script to talk to E* about and emotion and experience with her and it worked, mostly. With a tween it is hard to tell, LOL” – G. Ockner

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“Finally watched the masterclass! So much of it resonated. I loved that you had concrete and clear tools for handling this issue when it comes up. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” – Kaycie C.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“The biggest ROI I have seen is my ability to identify why I’m feeling how I’m feeling or looking for the trigger that sets me into a bad mood or depression spell. I think my communication with S* has immensely improved and my attitude and communication at work. You’ve definitely helped me identify and communicate my feelings and work on understanding I’m not broken. You’ve helped me a lot on the motivation factor with the mountain and the baby steps and the action plan! Our one on one full day was the biggest change for me! And the one we did with S* too. Those both got me deep and I felt so much better and so productive from them! The practical application to how I can do things in life versus just botching about my problems has been my other biggest thing too I think!” – Amanda S.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“Been killing it. Heading out soon… thanks for this. Made me realize a lot of realities that I know I can manifest. You ROCK!” – Bryan L.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

“Had a chance to listen to this over the weekend, didn’t realize just how bad of a people pleaser, thanks for making me realize that I really am the personification of the ‘this is fine’ dog. The biggest take away though – I thought myself into this problem and I have to think myself out (realizing that I could was the light bulb.” – Joseph A.

We want that for you, too!

Meet Your Guides

Rachel Wright, MA, LMFT

Musical theater nerd, gluten-free connoisseur, marriage counselor, licensed psychotherapist

Knowing how to communicate—especially about topics as touchy as relationships and sex—is one thing. Actually doing it well is another!

Even with all of my training in psychology, mental health, and counseling, I still had to go through the IRL trenches, just like you.

I’ve learned to rely on evidence-based tools to compassionately communicate my feelings, wants, and needs (which is a fancy way of saying these tools work).

Through WWC, I’m bringing a fresh, real voice to millennial relationships.

My mission is to help people have better sex, relationships, and mental health. The work Kyle and I do makes communication stronger, turns the bedroom into a place of confidence, and gives you the tools you need to feel secure in your own skin.

Sex ed shouldn’t stop in high school, and relationship education needs to exist, period. I believe it’s also important to honor the place mental health has in the conversation. As a sex educator, speaker, writer, and The Wright Reasons Podcast co-host, I go where the sun doesn’t shine to talk about the issues that really matter, all through the lens of The Bachelor Franchise.

Outside of WWC, I’m hitting up the latest Broadway shows, singing in the shower, eating at all the GF places I can find, and basking in Manhattan’s energy.

Follow me on Instagram: @thewright_rachel

Kyle Wright

Former bartender, gamer geek, outdoors enthusiast, relationship expert

My numero uno goal in life is to shift the paradigm of how men approach sex and relationships. We all deserve a modern approach to masculinity, sexuality, and relationships—and I’m here to make it happen.

I’m not gonna lie, when I met Rachel, I acted like a total dick. Solid communication skills were NOT my strong suit back in those days. In fact, I avoided relationships altogether.

When Rachel came along, I decided to step it up and become an amazing partner. It took work to change my habits, but our relationship is everything I could’ve imagined.

Look, no one taught you or me how to fight fair. Boys, in particular, are raised to believe their emotions are poison.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve walked the talk and I’m dedicated to helping men treat themselves (and their partners) with true respect.

I’m the host of the podcast, Masculinity on the Rocks, where I put on my bartending apron and chat with my guests about modern masculinity. As co-founder of WWC, I also create and lead many of our trainings and programs.

When I’m not in the office, you’ll find me climbing mountains, rocking some video games, or whipping up something delicious in the kitchen.

Follow me on Instagram: @thewright_kyle

The Team:

Lori Knott, PharmD

“Spiritual Educator & Mindfulness Mentor”

Lori holds her Doctorate in Pharmacy. She works full-time, has been married for 13 years, and loves their 3 kids. While pharmacy has been her focus for 18 years, Spiritual work and personal development have become her passion. Lori now shares her story and mindfulness tools via live streaming, podcasting, and live group sessions.

Lori has been a client of Rachel Wright, MA LMFT at Wright Wellness Center for 3+ years. During that time, she learned many life skills and tools. Her goal became to learn more and share with other women. So, Lori began her studies. She obtained her Level I and II Reiki attunements. She also studies meditation and intuitive development with Jill Lemke. Lori holds certification in the practice of Ho’oponopono and working towards her certification in Belief Clearing. Lori knows what it’s like being a busy mom, having kids, being over 40, and just tired. Lori understands how difficult it can be to finally take some steps to prioritize yourself. She is here to listen.

“Authentically sharing my life experience with you is something I love to do. I don’t have the answers. But, what I hope to do is inspire you to look within and find your own. I can help you do that. My specialty is holding space for people. I listen with an open heart and respond thoughtfully with zero judgement. I want to empower you with mindful tools to help you on your journey. I would classify myself as an open-hearted, authentic mentor with just a bit of woo-woo sprinkled in for good measure.” ~ Lori

Lori co-leads Ladies and Libidos with Rachel Wright, MA LMFT. Lori also is a guest facilitator in Jill Lemke’s 8-week chakra healing course “Ignite Your Light”. Space holding is one of Lori’s gifts. She provides a safe space for clients to share stories without judgment. Lori helps clients shift their energy to connect with themselves with an end goal of a deeper connection with a partner.

As Seen In:

scream LESS and screw MORE™

Married since 2016, we live in New York City. Our online resources help diverse couples and partners around the world scream LESS and screw MORE™.

Are we promising to end fighting in your relationship? No. Are we promising you’ll instantly overcome all frustrations in the bedroom? No. But we’ll give you the proven tools and resources you need to tackle these issues, one step at a time.

It’s all within reach. We promise.

But the ball is in your court. (Maybe literally. ?)

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Or connect with us on social media to peek into our everyday world.

P.S. Therapy may still be for you.

You might be thinking, “But guys, some people really DO need therapy.”

And you would absolutely be right. The therapeutic coaching, programs, masterclasses, blogs, and other resources here at WWC are not a replacement for therapy.

However, they may help you determine if therapy is appropriate.

If you have questions, come talk to us, and we’ll help you figure it out. We love connecting people to therapists in their local areas. #shoplocal