As we get 2018 underway, one topic continues to come across our scope.

Being patient.

I’m not talking about being patient in line at the DMV or while someone takes a long time to cross the road. I’m talking about the type of patience you give yourself.

Patience is a funny thing because, at the core, it’s all about self-control and mindset.

Practicing patience with yourself can be challenging, but its well worth it. So many challenges present themselves to us on a daily basis that we CAN’T control – making sure we aren’t adding to that inside our head is essential!

Navigating life is more challenging than ever, and our culture continually sends us a message of “work harder if you want to be valuable.”

We are taught to be self-reliant from a young age. However, rarely are we taught to prioritize ourselves.

Additionally, when we miss a goal, fail an essay, or drop the ball – the lesson is that it’s “bad or wrong.” That thinking can quickly turn into an unhealthy thought process which can quickly spiral into self-esteem issues.

2018 Be Patient and Kind to Yourself INLINE

It’s time that we as a culture backed off on ourselves a little. Take a walk! Let yourself off the hook for missing an appointment. We aren’t perfect! When was the last time something happened perfectly? When was the last time you saw a perfectly symmetrical tree? Life is imperfect, so why do we expect ourselves to be? Humans make mistakes, constantly. If you criticize yourself every time, you make a mistake – that can build into a self-depreciating cycle.


If every time an athlete finished a competition their coach came up to them and angrily pointed out every mistake that they had just made – not only would the athlete have a harder time improving – the coach wouldn’t get very far in his career.

Has that situation played out in your head, but you are both the coach and the player? I have. I struggle not to critique myself constantly. It is SO important to be kind to yourself.

We currently are working on several really exciting projects for WWC, but most of them require some… patience. On one project, we only need to wait a week, on others, a few months. We can do as much as possible to prepare for our projects – but because we are still building WWC to be what we want – the pieces all need to fall into place first, which is something we can’t change.

It can be a daily practice not to get frustrated that our plans can’t move any faster!

Practice showing yourself some compassion for being a human.

Let yourself off the hook for past mistakes.

Learn what you can from them and move forward with your life.

We only get one go-around in this crazy world, so spending time being mean to ourselves seems like a weird choice to make.