Maybe you’ve heard the term “Chakra” and thought it’s some new age word.

Or you might know the word but don’t know what they are or what they do, let alone why they need to be balanced. 

As more and more people are starting to look for more holistic ways to heal and stay healthy, learning about how the chakras affect our health and well-being plays an important role.

Chakras are not a modern discovery. They originated in the ancient Hindu system of healing dating back to before 2500 BC. Yogis have used the chakra system as a major part of holistic healing for thousands of years. And now other healing modalities, which use the body’s energy to help heal, use it.


Every living being, including plants, has these whirling concentrated energy centers called chakras. “Wheels of light” is the Sanskrit word describing them.  There are hundreds of chakras within and around you, but there are seven major ones used in energy healing. You might have seen pictures of the chakras depicted as seven assorted colored dots lined up the front or back of a body.

Chakras receive, assimilate and transmit this life force energy (qi or prana) within the body. This energy is vital to keeping our body working at its’ optimum. When this energy is blocked (underactive) or too open (overactive) and the energy cannot flow thru the body, it creates blockages which lead to poor physical and emotional health. So, this is why it’s so important to keep the chakras balanced.

They are located deep within the center of the physical body along the spinal column. Each chakra has a color, a sound, a mantra and a yantra (or symbol) associated with it. And has influence over the glands or organs in that part of the body where the chakra is located.

Chakras receive, assimilate and transmit this life force energy (qi or prana) within the body. This energy is vital to keeping our body working at its’ optimum. @_livebalancednaturally Click To Tweet

The 1st Chakra is the Muladhara or Root

     Located at the base of the spine it governs our survival, security, stability.

     The color is red, the sound is C, the mantra is LAM, and the element is Earth

The 2nd Chakra is the Svadhisthana or Sacral

      Located slightly below the navel it governs creation, desires, sexuality

      The color is orange, the sound is D, the mantra is VAM, and the element is Water

The 3rd Chakra is the Manipura or Solar Plexus

       Located slightly above the navel it governs power, self-worth, self-confidence

       The color is yellow, the sound is E, the mantra is RAM, and the element is Fire

The 4th Chakra is the Anahata or Heart

        It surrounds the heart region and governs love, forgiveness, compassion

        The color is green, the sound is F, the mantra is YAM, and the element is Air

The 5th Chakra is the Vishuddha or Throat

   Located at the center of the neck it governs communication, self-expression

   The color is blue, the sound is G, the mantra is HAM, and the element is Ether

The 6th Chakra is the Ajna or Third Eye

   Located between the eyebrows, it governs intuition, reasoning, decision-making

   The color is indigo, the sound is A, the mantra is OM, and the element is Light

The 7th Chakra is the Sahasrara or Crown

   Located at the top of the head it governs spirituality, life purpose, understanding

   The color is violet or white, the sound is B, the mantra is OM, and the element is Thought


So what is an example of a blocked chakra?

Ever had to give a speech or presentation and started coughing? Or maybe had laryngitis or a sore throat? That’s the sign of a blocked Throat chakra.

Headaches could be the sign of a blocked Third Eye chakra.

Digestive issues might be the sign of a blocked Root chakra.

Starting to make sense?

OK, but how do you bring the chakras into balance?

With a little research, you can actually do it yourself. But having your chakras cleared and balanced, on a regular basis, by someone trained to do this is extra helpful. Most Reiki (briefly explained below) practitioners offer this as part of their treatments.

Also, chakra balancing can be done distantly (like Reiki). Since energy travels, a trained practitioner can send the energy to the recipient.


    • A non-invasive form of energy healing. It balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the recipient. Many hospitals are offering this to patients before, during and after surgery to help with recovery. The sessions can be done in person or distantly.

    • Crystals can help to realign, rebalance and energize the chakras. You can wear them, carry them in your purse or pocket, place them on your body during meditation or keep them in specific areas in your home or office. There are crystals which correspond to each chakra also. Most Reiki practitioners will use crystals and a crystal pendulum when balancing the chakras.

    • More and more research is being done on sound healing. They are finding that it produces changes in the body systems. Since each chakra is associated with a particular tone, certain music, and sounds can help heal the energy imbalances in the chakras. These tones relax the body, so it can release unwanted thoughts and feelings bringing the body into a natural state of balance. Gong meditations, tuning forks, drums, hand pans are some examples.

    • Essential Oils give the body what it needs to heal. By using the essential oil which corresponds to a particular issue (physical or emotional), it may help to bring the body into balance. {Rachel, Kyle and I all love and use dōTERRA essential oil products because they are the only CTPG oils on the market!}
  • FOOD 

    • Eating the color of food corresponding to a particular chakra may help bring it into balance.
  • COLOR 

    • Wearing the color or having certain colors in your home and office corresponding to a particular chakra may also help.

    • Meditation may scare some people, but it’s not that difficult. There are some great guided meditations available to help balance chakras.

I hope this has answered some of your questions and maybe you’ll feel adventurous and get your chakras balanced. Remember, the next time you are eating that bowl of pasta with tomato sauce, you are balancing your Root and Crown chakras! 

About the Author

Patti Stevens is an Ageless Lifestyle Coach who helps women at a crossroad to bring their life into balance – body, mind and spirit. She is a certified Yoga, Pilates, and Qigong instructor, Holy Fire Karuna, and Usui Reiki Master and essential oil advocate. You can connect with Patti by visiting her website, check out her Facebook page, Twitter and catch her on YouTube.