My “personal revolution” as I’ve termed it, began in January 2009.

I know what you’re thinking, New Years Resolution Time! Actually, the time of year was really more of a coincidence for me than anything else. I owe the start of my journey to The Biggest Loser. As an avid fan, I sat down on the couch with my boyfriend at the time, each of us with a pint of ice cream in hand, ready to watch the season premiere. Within 5 minutes of the show starting, Bob Harper (fantastic trainer) came on the screen and said “The Biggest Loser has helped so many people over the years, and has been an inspiration to millions both on the show and at home” (this is where the yelling started) “but it doesn’t mean ANYTHING if you’re going to sit at home on the couch, eating ice cream out of the container!!!” Mid-mouthful my boyfriend and I turned, stared at each other, and immediately dropped the spoons.

I woke up the next day and signed up for the Biggest Loser Club (BLC) Online. A decision that changed my life forever. 

Over the five months that followed, I began eating healthier, working out regularly, and learning a lot about myself. And by May, I had lost 30 lbs while gaining some much-needed confidence and insight. I could do hard things! This realization leads me to want to share my experience and what I had learned; it was ultimately the totality of my journey in 2009 that made me begin a career in health and wellness, helping others reach their personal wellness goals.

But then, it got much bigger. 


Losing the weight was my personal catalyst, but it lead to so much. For my entire life, all 25 years I had lived until 2009, I struggled with my weight. See, I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. So, I held myself back from trying things that I felt my weight infringed upon. Therefore, I never took risks.

I was afraid of everything. Yet I was social, extroverted, happy, and an all-around well-adjusted girl in so many other ways. But when I finally took control of my lifelong struggle and kicked its pathetic little butt to the curb – I became unstoppable. Driven. Passionate. Fearless. I thought, if I can overcome this challenge, one that has held me back for so long, what CAN’T I do? 

And so began an incredibly purposeful life. Since 2009, I…

  1. Received my Master’s degree in psychology from a well-respected university 
  2. Became a college professor, teaching college-level psychology courses
  3. Received my Doctorate in Psychology from a well-respected university
  4. Secured an ideal job before my last year of graduate school in a field outside of my studies
  5. Became certified to teach three group fitness formats 
  6. Ended a 10-year relationship that was no longer fulfilling my wants and needs
  7. Found the kind of love I wished for as a child and built a life around my great love
  8. Began co-parenting three amazing children 
  9. Bought a beautiful home 
  10. Purchased a new vehicle (from the very first mile) 
  11. Paid off my student loans in totality 
  12. Helped hundreds reach their wellness goals 
  13. Supported countless men & women choosing nontraditional paths to happiness 

Today, as a Relationship Advisor offering support, guidance, and advice on the matters of the heart that matter most; I celebrate those that are choosing a big, bold, beautiful life – I see people lead with their hearts every day; people who speak the truth in their hearts with every breath. I watch people change the world because of leading with and speaking from their hearts – people who are not sitting back, coasting along, without purpose or intent. These people are actively pursuing their dreams – whatever they may be. They are leading by example. 

And this is the very reason why we must choose our authentic happiness. It is not selfish. It is not ‘wrong’. In fact, nothing is more right.

When we choose to speak our truth, and when we chase that which lights up our soul, we are paving the way for those who have not yet realized they can do the same. - @drjennelle Click To Tweet


There is someone out there – whether your child, partner, friend, or a stranger – who needs your journey to be their reason. Someone who is stuck, unsure, doubtful, and afraid – who needs to see that it gets better. Someone who has no one else to guide them – who requires you to be their North Star. 

Choosing a greater happiness – whether it be a partner, career, location, or lifestyle -is as much for you as it is for the greater good of humanity. You may never know whose life you will impact, but by living your truth, you will undoubtedly change lives.

So when you’re questing if you “should,” if it’s what’s best for everyone, if the hard, messy parts will ever outweigh the pain…remember that nothing worth having in this life ever comes easily. Yes, your struggle is very real, but it’s also completely worth it. 

I write this because I want you to know that you don’t have to wait, you can start to create the spark that changes every day hereafter. Find the support that you need. The accountability that pushes you just a little bit farther. The voice of a real person who made big, messy choices to build a better life. Terrifying bold, risky moves, without holding back. I want you to know that it’s ok to change your mind. I would not be where I am today if I had not discovered that very truth along my journey. So change it, over and over and over again. You are always one step closer to the best version of yourself. And as I always say…

*You’re no good for anyone else unless you are the best version of yourself*  

As a Relationship Advisor, Dr. Jennelle offers support, guidance, and advice on the matters of the heart that matters most to you. Dr. Jennelle specializes in working with female same-sex couples, divorced/remarried couples, and blended families while always focusing on the partnership; helping relationships thrive throughout all of life’s crazy transitions (e.g., sexual preference shifts, divorce, moving in together, having a baby, blending families, changing careers, financial shifts, etc.). With over 10+ years of psychology education and a lifetime of personal experience following a nontraditional path, Dr. Jennelle advises through various platforms including a free, private community on Facebook (the Big Change of Heart Community) and her weekly podcast (the Big Change of Heart Podcast). Dr. Jennelle also provides her services one-on-one for couples and individuals in addition to both live and online classes and workshops. Life is ever-evolving, and Dr. Jennelle believes it is her job to make sure your relationships evolve along with it. Connect with Dr. Jennelle on Facebook @ Dr. Jennelle or contact her directly here.