In this week’s episode, we dive deep into some complex and fun issues like blowjobs, emotion, sex, communication, marriage… you know…. day-to-day stuff. 😉 First, we discuss Damla Aktekin’s guest blog about the concept of creating space for emotion in your relationship or marriage. From the therapist’s perspective, Rachel explains what the concept of holding space means and the benefit it can have on your relationship. Additionally, Kyle chimes in with some easily implemented ideas for couples. Second, we talk about this week’s original blog, all about the three painful words that are holding the communication back in your relationship or marriage. Finally, our Q&A segment comes from a man who is bored with his sex life, although he feels guilty about it. He writes us seeking help to get out of routine, missionary sex. Help is given! We discuss lots of intimacy and sex “stuff” with some super specific blowjob tips!

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