In this episode, we have our third guest on the show and she is a licensed clinical social worker who works with kids in California! But first, we’ll catch up with you and discuss this week’s original blog about how to turn your to-do list into a chance to connect with yourself. And, this week’s guest blog from Jenmarie Eadie, LCSW about the 10 ways you may be making your child’s behavior worse. And finally, we’ll answer a Q&A about infidelity.

Show Notes:


About Our Guest

My passion is helping children with challenging behaviors to become less stressed by giving them and their parents’ tools, support, and encouragement. I listen to their goals and help them toward solutions that work for them. My proudest accomplishment is following my dream of opening up a practice that is designed to focus on the whole family. I currently serve families in Upland, California, and in my free time, I love to write for my Positive Pathways To Change blog.

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