In this episode, shit gets real as we discuss our progress towards intentions and how our wishes are playing out in November. After an interesting discussion about that, we’re talking all about our guest blog from Patti Stevens about giving thanks before Thanksgiving. Then, we have Monique Worotny on the show again and we’re talking about camper vans, camping, breaking the monotony, manifestation + dog sledding and this one time she met Justin Trudeau! Finally, we’re breaking down the original blog this week about how to talk about sex in your relationship!

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About Our Guest

Monique Worotny graduated in Mechanical Engineering Technology and designed automotive machines for three years after college. Unhappy with her chosen career, she made a change. Traveling across the country and meeting people from all walks of life, she has now designed a life that gives her freedom while helping entrepreneurs make a positive change in the world. Her business, Made in Monique, is a unique online business operations service that supports change-makers and philanthropists in making their vision a reality. Monique consults heart-centered entrepreneurs with a personalized Passion to Project Strategy to help them grow their business while giving back to their community or globally.