In episode 33, we’re talking about some super important stuff. But, seriously. First, we check in with our (and your) November wishes and intentions. Second, we have the incredible Kate K McCarthy with us and we’re discussing showing up as your fullest self, being vulnerable, and being open to sitting in the discomfort of our own evolutions. She also answers our 3 guest questions… which is always a blast. Then, we’re discussing why we didn’t have an original blog this week — with a discussion about the sexual assault and harassment allegations coming out of the woodwork right now. Finally, we’re discussing Jenmarie Eadie’s guest blog on mindful parenting and answering a question about depression. Don’t forget to subscribe, leave us a review, and share us with your friends! Sharing is caring, after all. 🙂

Show Notes

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About our Guest

Kate K. McCarthy is a brand voice mentor for soulful + creative entrepreneurs and host of “Amplify: A Podcast for Creative + Courageous Entrepreneurs.” She lives in Seattle with her husband and three sweet furballs.