Happy Thanksgiving Week!! We’re celebrating gratitude, food, you, and the podcast! In addition to talking about the holiday and what we’re grateful for, we’re going to be discussing the concept of body gratitude. This week’s guest blog is from the incredible Cameron Simcik, the founder of the Body Love Club. Then, we have Juliette Sakasegawa back on the show (she was last on in episode #25) and we’re talking all about holiday planning (with a focus on self-care), time management, expectations, and boundaries.

Show Notes

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About Our Guest

Juliette Sakasegawa is a Certified Life + Wellness Coach who is passionate about helping women embrace their worthiness so they can live a fulfilling and empowered life that they love. Juliette is also a wife of 14 years, a mom of 3 young children, and a former elementary school teacher. She holds a BA in theatre and a Masters Degree in Mathematics Education. Juliette works with women individually and in groups helping them to create a crystal clear vision of what they desire, encouraging them to discover the things that might be holding them back, and supporting them to achieve their goals and dreams. Juliette believes that learning to truly love yourself and embrace your own greatness is the key to finding joy and fulfillment.