In this two-part series, we’re talking all things hormones (and some things holidays). We’re so honored and feel grateful to have not just one, but two women who are experts in their respective areas of work. We’re talking to both Ellie and Melissa about their journey to get where they are, why they wanted to work in the hormone/health/wellness/alternative medicine field and get into some science and facts that blew our minds! 

Show Notes

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About Our Guest

 After years of interest and devotion to healthy living and using nutrition to prevent disease, Ellie returned to school to become a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. She now works 1-1 with women worldwide, where she passionately accompanies and coaches them as they begin to understand their bodies on a deeper level and discover what foods and habits aid each woman’s individual body for optimal function and wellness. Ellie loves chatting and teaching about the female cycle, and how nutrition and lifestyle contribute to hormonal balance and fertility, digestive health, acne, energy slumps and overall women’s wellness. Ultimately, she believes every woman deserves to feel like a rockstar instead of feeling hopeless and confused about her body and health. You can find her on Instagram, on her website, or in the Wright Wellness Center Therapeutic Community