We have the honor of having Lisa Carpenter on the podcast! Since this is her first episode with us, we’ll talk about her story of getting where she is now (which is incredible) and her upcoming book, Let’s E.A.T! During our interview, we end up talking about codependency, addiction, our stories, nutrition, fitness, numbing behaviors, the relationship we have with ourselves, faith vs. fear, surrendering, trust, and much more! She also answers our awesome new guest questions and leans into some serious moments of discomfort! It’s one of our favorite interviews yet — we think you’re going to LOVE Lisa!

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About Our Guest

Lisa Carpenter, CNC, CSNC, Pn1, CPT, is a nutrition and life coach who empowers driven achievers to connect deeply with their emotions, free themselves from judgment, and create lasting physical and emotional transformation. With almost two decades of experience as a health and fitness professional, Lisa is a sought-after speaker, coach, and educator who helps women make peace with their bodies and free themselves from the constraints of traditional dieting.