In this episode, we’re talking to Trish Russell all about how entrepreneurship saved her marriage, plus we talk all about parenting, trauma, community, assertiveness, lying, relationships, marriage, being at peace with yourself, and what it’s like to go from being active military to an “army wife.” (Among many other topics!)

“Service is in my lifeblood.” — Trish Russell

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Show Notes


About Our Guest

As a Performance Strategist, Trish teaches you how to streamline your days to get more done in less time. She helps women serve their clients, be present with their families and engage in their community with greater confidence and clearer processes. As a former Military Intelligence Officer, she’s a master strategist. After years of analyzing situations, factoring in outside variables, and mapping out 3 possible outcomes, she understands the complexities of negotiating daily routines and unexpected situations. She will help you identify non-negotiable habits that build a life and business balance you desire, then break those down into bite size pieces, one intentional step at a time! Check out her free resource here.  Recently she has joined the conversation about Post Traumatic Stress, sharing her journey with the goal to show others they can rewrite their future. It takes time and work; however, when ready, it’s worth it. You can read more here. When she’s not freeing women from the “overwhelm” of modern day living – she’s practicing her sharpshooter skills, enjoying tea parties with her littles, and traveling through time & space. 
Service is in my lifeblood. Click To Tweet