In this episode, author Rick Sharpe joins us to talk about his experiences with journaling, having a relationship fall apart later in life, and how that all led to his book — The Price Of Heartbreak. If you have ever been in a relationship that you ended up leaving, you’ll very much appreciate this conversation. We’re talking about self-care, relationships, sexuality, meditation, gratitude, and muuuuuch more.

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Show Notes


Rick Sharpe is a man on a mission; to raise awareness about emotional struggle and to help others suffering emotionally. Rick wants to demonstrate to others that it is possible to heal from failed relationships and transform your own life in the process. Rick first became visible when he wrote a book “The Price of HeartBreak”, with the intention to help others suffering from intense emotional heartbreak feel they are not alone”. The thought-provoking read is a refreshing take on the struggles of human existence from the eyes of a man who has opened his heart to emotional vulnerability and enlightenment. What is exceptional about Rick is his ability, unlike many men, to express raw emotion vulnerably and authentically. He tells stories from the highs of climbing Kilimanjaro to the lows of a deeper emotional abyss and back again. Rick’s Transformational Journey Through mindful feeling, a support network, and reconnection with things he loves, Rick was able to start on the journey of self-discovery whilst coming to terms with the end of an important relationship. This was aided by his new found passion for writing which in turn led to the creation of this book. All the feelings and emotions of vulnerability, depression, anxiety, and heartbreak led him to discover how mindfulness could help the healing process. He trained as a Master Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness facilitator which also connected him to like-minded people. At this time he was inspired by Brene Brown’s TedEx talks on vulnerability, shame, and guilt and this, combined with his newly discovered meditation practice, was a turning point when Rick experienced “more light than darkness”. Since then Rick has made tremendous leaps so much so that he admits he is unrecognizable from the man he was when he wrote his book relatively recently. Through sharing his transformational experience, Rick’s vision is to impact millions suffering from depression, anxiety and relationship problems in a relatable way and to inspire men to be able to express their emotions and ask important questions which allows them to listen to the truth, vulnerably and mindfully.