In this episode, we talk with Stephanie McAuliffe about her incredible ‘Bermuda Triangle’ experience with alcoholism! Stephanie shares what it was like being married to alcoholics (TWICE!) and realizing how she was surrounding herself with people with addictive behaviours, and what she needed to do to rise above it all. Listen in as we talk about denial, self esteem, leaning into resistance, and rising above fear.

As human beings we want to know the outcome, but what if we just took a step and enjoyed the journey. - Stephanie McAuliffe Click To Tweet

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Show Notes

About Our Guest

Stephanie McAuliffe’s new book, The Message in the Bottle: Finding Hope and Peace Amidst the Chaos of Living with an Alcoholic, is her gift to help families affected by a loved one’s alcohol dependency. As the 4th-generation affected by the physical and psychological effects of living with alcoholics, she sees how deeply it affects the family dynamic. It’s not just about the alcoholic getting sober, it’s about the whole family healing.

Stephanie’s mission is to create a paradigm shift and eliminate the stigma, silence and shame of living with an alcoholic, by helping people uncover and release the energy behind their old stories and create a story of thriving.

Stephanie McAuliffe is also the founder of Reclaiming Your Self, a 12-week program to unearth and release the negative thoughts and energy that often unknowingly holds us back. So many have lost or given away a part of themselves, it’s time that they come back to themselves.