In this episode, we talk with Rachel O’Rourke about the pivotal moments in her life that sparked a shift or a change in the trajectory of her life. Listen in as we talk about surrounding yourself with people who are doing the things you want to do, visualization, gratitude and thankfulness for future accomplishments and feeding your soul with positive, supportive content.

Fear is the number one killer of dreams. -Rachel O'Rourke Click To Tweet

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Show Notes

About Our Guest

Rachel O’Rourke is a wife, mom of four, owner of The SPARK Social marketing team, the creator of SPARK events for women, and owner of The Flawed Females blog. ​ In January of 2017 Rachel decided it was going to be the year that she followed her intuition…no matter how crazy it seemed or how much sense it made. This led her to:

  • Quitting the good paying job that she hated
  • Launching her own marketing consulting/business coaching company
  • Joining the team of an exploding start-up – Cali’flour Foods
  • Creating and Launching the 1st ever SPARK event
  • Traveling more times in 1 year than she has every other year in her life – combined
  • Meeting some incredibly cool and influential people
  • Become a manifesting Queen (attracting more opportunities than most get in a lifetime)

Her intuition is now her guide for everything. It’s the way she lives her life. If she feels it, she follows it.