In this episode, we talk with Nate Bagley about his goal to lower the divorce rate by impacting 10,000 marriages! Together we explore the gap between absorbing information and actually USING it in your day-to-day life, learn about the ‘experiential learning cycle’, and uncover why implementation can feel like such a struggle.

If we could help 10,000 people have extraordinary marriages, that would lower the divorce rate by 1% ~ Nate Bagley Click To Tweet

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Show Notes

About Our Guest

Before he started The Loveumentary podcast, launched a successful Kickstarter, gave a TEDx talk, or created a Date-in-a-Box subscription business for couples… Nate was just a guy who didn’t want to suck at love.

He always had the dream of getting married and being the most awesome husband and dad ever.

He wanted his wife to love him so much, she’d brag about him to her friends. He wanted his kids to know he loved them… and constantly roll their eyes at his awesome dad-jokes. He committed his life to finding as well as helping others find truly fantastic love. He attended workshops, read books, took classes, went to therapy and spent thousands of hours completely immersed in the topic.

Now that he’s married, he’s testing all this cool info out on his wife to make sure it really works – and he’s made it his life’s mission to share everything he’s learned with you!