In this episode, we talk with Adamaris Mendoza about her mission to empower women in mastering a way of living that suits them! Together we dig into the thoughts that were ingrained in her as a child, and how suffering from severe adrenal exhaustion showed her the mindset changes she needed to make to choose life!

If I want to live then I have to turn to something different. ~ Adamaris Mendoza Click To Tweet

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Show Notes

About Our Guest

Adamaris is a Coach and Mindset Strategy Expert with over 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist and entrepreneur. She recovered from a life-threatening illness using energy medicine and alternative natural healing methods.

She became a psychotherapist with a mission to empower women to master the art of living in a way that serves them. So they can design a life they love while creating and growing a successful business that feels good, supports their purpose, and fulfills them.

Supporting and guiding hundreds of women to get crystal clear clarity, step into unshakeable confidence, take risks in the face of fear, clear money blocks, and open up to receiving love, wealth, health, and freedom is what lights her up every day.