In this episode, we talk with Rick Sharpe about the learning experience that is LIFE! Together we dig into handling conflict, living in the present, and managing the ‘potential threats’ we create for ourselves in the future!

Our brain is so hardwired for survival so we always wonder 'What if that happens? What am I gonna do?', and we waste a lot of energy that way ~ Rick Sharpe Click To Tweet

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Show Notes

About Our Guest

I am the author of “The Price of Heartbreak” which chronicles a man’s (my own) journey through heartbreak, depression and a lifelong struggle with vulnerability. I have trained as a Master Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Facilitator. I blog about how men and others struggle with mental health in order to raise awareness about general mental and emotional wellbeing. I also promote the benefits of open and honest communication, as well as the benefits of maturity and what that can bring to your life. The main messages of the book are: “You are not alone” when it comes to struggling with mental health “We need to break the silence” when it comes to giving people who are struggling a voice “It’s never too late in life to transform and re-invent yourself.”