In this episode, we talk with Sara Wiles AND Lacey Sites, two best friends who are also the fabulous hosts of the Happy Thoughts Show! Together we dig into female friendships as an adult, speaking your truth (instead of just sharing the highlight reel of your life!), and how experience/perspective can change through taking a stand for positivity and ‘happy thoughts’!

If you wanna do scary things, and you don't have other women supporting you, it's gonna be way harder! ~ Hosts of The Happy Thoughts Show Click To Tweet

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Show Notes

About Our Guests

Lacey Sites + Sara Wiles are business owners, best friends and co-founders of the Happy Thoughts Show where they are giving women the permission to finally be happy and the tools to do so consistently. After having delt with everything from depression + anxiety to divorce, motherhood and jobs they hated they’ve finally created their happiest lives and now support other women in doing the same. With their own brand of humor and self-development mixed with a side of champagne and four-letter words, Lacey and Sara are showing women that being who they are is truly enough.