In this episode, we’re getting some energetic talk with intuitive + spiritual mentor, Lynsey Landry. We’re getting into her story, how she ended up doing this work, what all of it means, and shares some beautiful nuggets of wisdom with us.

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Show Notes

About Our Guest

Lynsey Landry is an Intuitive & Spiritual Business Mentor for heart & soul-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch burn-out and deepen their success with more ease. She believes that your energy (and the energy of your business) is everything, and when you trust your intuition and ALIGN to your heart & soul magic happens and miracles occur (clients show up, money flows in, your relationships thrive more than ever before). Her mission is to help you tap into that magical flow. You can find you over in her Facebook Community, Soul Inspired Success or claim her free Be Your Own Biz Guru 3-part masterclass!