OK, I admit it.

I am an anxious person.

Anxiety is at the core of what drives my OCD-like tendencies.

It is at the core of what, at times, keeps me out of action. And is the same core on other occasions, that sends me compulsively or neurotically, into too much action (is there such a thing as being in “too much action?” – if not, I just created that phrase – I like it. You can borrow it).

I have long since realized that the thought driving my anxiety is usually my inner mean girl who is all too ready to shout something critical at me like, “You’re not perfect yet.”


And although I call the anxious feeling all sorts of other names – impatience, flustered, jittery, flighty, skittish, overwhelmed, impulsive …

I am simply anxious.

So today, when I feel an inkling of that vibration starts to rear its head in the pit of my stomach, I’ve decided to befriend it. I’ve decided today to change how I choose to think about my anxiousness. I’m choosing not to fight with it. After all, fighting my feelings is exhausting! I’ve decided not to let a feeling that is nothing more than a vibration the power to take away all the work I’ve done on myself and by doing so, create results that do not serve me.

Today, I’ve decided to make peace with the feeling. By making peace with my anxiety, I’m simply choosing to shake hands with it. To acknowledge it is there, to make room for it and know that like a guest, coming to visit, it is temporary. It is not an unwanted roommate.  I am going to choose to have a peaceful thought about my anxiety.

WOW, it’s amazing how much better I feel when I choose to befriend my anxiety, rather than treating it like the enemy.

Dr. Joanne Royer is the founder and owner of Change Agent & Associates, an online Coaching Collective. After 20+ years as a successful licensed psychotherapist, Dr. Joanne holds two certifications in Life Coaching since 2006 and today, works with women who are approaching 50 or north of it, who are ready to make peace with their inner critic. You can find her on her website by clicking here!