Stark. Targaryen. Lannister. Tyrell. Bolton. Snow.

Why is it that more people know these names than our local politicians or even our next door neighbors? (Myself included!)

Well, I think it’s for a lot of reasons.

Game of Thrones has permeated the boundaries of society and people’s previous genre preferences. Let me tell you; I was not watching a lot of stuff with dragons in it before GoT. I was missing out. So, today, I have for you the reasons why I believe we’re all so obsessed with Game of Thrones.

Did I do a scientific study? No.

Did I survey a specific amount of people? No.

Did I search the internet and read people’s comments, stories, and thoughts on Game of Thrones? YES.

Using the data I collected through my internet scavenger hunt + my own experience with the show and discussing it with people, here are the 11 reasons why we’re obsessed with Game of Thrones

No One is All Good or Bad

Every single character (that lives long enough for us to get to know) is complex and has a deep backstory. Even the worst of the worst, like Geoffrey or Ramsey have reasons to be the way that they are. Is it an excuse for their horrible behavior? No. But, in the world Game of Thrones is set in, there’s so much horrible behavior that it all begins to seem relative.

There’s a General Questioning of Morals: “Think or Die.”

Just when you think someone is 99% good, they do something selfish — usually to avoid death. Game of Thrones is a textbook case study of human beings acting out of fear. Take the finale of last season. SPOILER ALERT. Do you think Cersei would have done that out of pure evil? No. She had everything taken from her – so she wanted to take everything from everyone else. Morals are questioned at every turn in this show, and it forces us at home to question our own morals. What would WE do in that situation? Would we do Cersi’s dirty work? Would we stand up to the High Sparrow?

The Emotional Investment in Every Storyline

Oh. My. Goodness. This.

Seriously, it kills me when someone isn’t in an episode, and I’m waiting to see their storyline progress. Typically, shows that go back and forth between different characters’ storylines have one of two duds that just don’t hold up to the rest of them – and that’s usually when I’ll check Facebook or play a level of Candy Crush. But, with Game of Thrones, we’re all invested in every storyline because every storyline is SO DAMN GOOD!

Power, Violence, & Sex

I mean, c’mon. This show explores all of our fantasies. Let’s be real. It’s super hot.


The George RR Martin Novels

For those who’ve read the novels (I commend you!), this show is a whole different ballgame. I know someone who hasn’t seen the most recent season because it wasn’t part of the original novel and he wants to read it before he sees it. I get it! He just better write faster cause. Damn.

It’s ACTUALLY Hard to Predict


I don’t want to spoil anything here. But this show is almost impossible to predict. Right when you think you’ve figured it out — BOOM a main character dies. BOOM people are having sex. BOOM now they’re fighting and having sex… it’s a roller coaster of emotions that’s a ride we like to be on, from the comfort of our couches.

Transportation to Another World

Westeros. Dorn. The Wall. King’s Landing. Winterfell. Iron Islands.

These are places in another world. They’re not real, and yet they feel more real than some shows shot right here in the good ol’ USA. Between the acting, sets, locations, costumes, writing, and cinematography – we’re all taken captive into our television’s mercy.

You Have to Pay Attention

I mentioned this above, but it’s so easy to zone out during certain shows. I know I’m guilty of picking up my phone or even getting my laptop to browse Facebook or Pinterest or even start working during a show if it’s not keeping me intrigued. It takes a lot to keep my attention when I’m not at work and Game of Thrones absolutely does. I mean, if you look away, you may miss something unbelievable. Or, just a boob.

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There Are SO Many Characters

Diverse characters with so many different personality types allow us all to identify with someone on the show. We begin to feel like we know these characters and as they twist and turn we twist and turn with them. Then, right when we have our favorite… BOOM, decapitation. Ugh, this show. It kills me!

It’s Politics + Fantasy + Drama

Okay, let’s look at this. What are the some of the popular television shows? Political Dramas or dramas of any kind. Sprinkle in uninhibited sexual expression, bloody, yet with purposeful violence, and fantasy aspects of eternal life and dragons and you have a masterpiece – apparently.

No Rules Around Death

Anyone can die. I mean. Anyone.

Why do YOU love Game of Thrones? Comment below or join in the discussion in our Therapeutic Online Community aka Facebook Group! Fun Fact: When Game of Thrones is airing, Kyle and I include it as a part of our calendar and family meeting. Have you downloaded your free copy yet?