Let me tell you my story.

I have been stuck in a negative thought pattern for many years. Some days I still am. When I started to learn about what happiness really is and started practicing being in the present, things shifted in big ways. The hardest part was to see that it was me who caused the suffering. Sure there were things in life that were hard and still are, but I found a way to lessen my suffering in big ways, and it changed everything.

Most of my suffering came from me living in the past or the future. I realized that when I lived in the past, I was powerless since there was nothing to do about what was. Same with the future since that was really just fiction.

When you find yourself stuck with negative thoughts and feelings, catch it and try to see where your thoughts and feelings are focused on, past, future or present? I can pretty safely assume you are either in the past or the future. “I am so unhappy with my job, “ I used to look much better before”, “Things will get better if only..”

It’s not about not working on your goals and dreams. But life brings new experiences and we grow each day. Being ok that life happens and that sometimes things don’t happen the way you thought would is ok, it’s not a sign of failure but just what life is.

Suffering from what is not will not get you to where you want to be, It will only give you.. Yep you got it: suffering. Click To Tweet

Suffering makes getting anywhere harder. It’s hard to get motivated when you push yourself down. Look at other people who made their dreams come true. Have you heard of anybody being stuck in negativity and still got where they wanted to be? I have not.

Motivation, happiness and believing in yourself are important truths you essential to get the encouragement you need to get where you want to be.  I believe in you so why shouldn’t you?

Successful people have a practice of being in the present moment, enjoying each moment without getting stuck on what were or what will become.


So how do I start?

Start by getting back to this present moment. That is reading these words. Is your mind somewhere else? Are you thinking about what to do next? Where are you? Let’s get back to this moment.

Start to become aware of your breath, feel how the air moves through your mouth or nostrils. Feel the actual sensations. Leave the screen and close your eyes if that helps. Whenever your mind gets overwhelmed with negative thoughts or feelings, go back to your breath and the sensation of the air moving. Being present in your body is a gateway to a present mind. I find it easier to pinpoint the present through my body by focusing on my breath, which in return helps my mind get back to the present.

Now go about your day and practice this. When you are doing the dishes. Feel your hands contacting the water, every piece of dish you clean, feel the motions. The key is the present. Don’t worry about losing focus on the more ‘important things”. Being present now is what will get you to where you want to be.

Living presently will give you a sense of relief because this moment is all that really is.

When you do this you might notice that 90% of your stress is thoughts in your head and not the actual reality of the present moment. The worries, stress, and anxiety become less and the goals you have will come easier and more fluently since you are enjoying the present.

You might forget to be in the present and realize it way after, that’s totally fine. Give yourself a gold star that you caught it and take another breath. Think of the mind as a muscle that has learned patterns from years back. That will take time to change. It is a practice. Try not to be hard on yourself… if it takes time.

You cannot fail at this.

Remember you are here now and that is all that matters. Reading this is a big step! You are already halfway there because now you know that there is a way out of negative thinking patterns. And if you want to talk more or learn more about negative thought patterns, join the PRIVATE WWC Community on Facebook. You can request access by clicking here. 

Through my private Thai Bodywork practice, blog and online course, I support my clients to release stress and anxiety issues through a mind-body connection. Being a dancer, body-worker with a focus on personal growth I interlace the physical and emotional aspects together with meditation and a daily practice. You can read more on my website.