There are so many reasons why my clients, both therapeutic coaching, and psychotherapy, inspire me. I mean, think about the process of starting up a therapeutic relationship.

First, you have to try to find someone near you or someone that does remote work. That in itself is difficult. Do you look at PsychologyToday or ask your friend? Do you Google search for blog posts about what you’re going through, written by therapists? (Like the one you’re reading!) It’s not an easy task (unfortunately) to know where to begin or how to find someone that will be a good fit. However, between your dedication to internet searching and some vulnerability with friends or family members to ask for referrals – you’ll find someone. Also, with our Revive Your Relationship™ program, we offer to help to find someone in your local area at the end of the course if you feel you still need additional support.

Then, after that whole ordeal, you have to make contact.

Whether it’s a phone call or e-mail, it can feel incredibly uncomfortable contacting a therapist for the first time. Hopefully, your first interaction will be a good indicator (using your intuition) if it’s a good fit or not. Between the therapist’s expertise and your vulnerability – you’ll find a good fit.

Sooooooo, without further ado, here are three reasons why my psychotherapy and therapeutic coaching clients inspire me!

They’re Brave + Courageous

Read above. I mean, duh.

They’re Patient + Kind

I have put my clients through things that I wish I wouldn’t have had to! So many of my clients have been with me through deaths in the family, moves, our wedding, the Norovirus — they’re sessions being moved or canceled, all with the best of intentions on my end. Each time we would re-start our work, the care and compassion I would receive was profound. My clients have shown me what I show them, empathy.

They’re Willingness to Look Within

Nothing can happen if we don’t look within. But, looking within is SO FUCKING HARD. Yep, it’s hard. As human beings in a society that is about external appearances, there is a lack of internal reflection. Each week, or every other week, my clients look within to answer some tough questions, make decisions, or think about something in a way they haven’t in the past. It’s my job to help create a safe space to do this in.

I am so grateful to each one of you! <3