Break ups suck. There’s just no way around it. We all go through them – both as the breaker-upper and the break-ee. In our grand quest to find “the one,” we go through a series of trial and error relationships searching for what kind of person makes us happy. These trials can often make for great stories (check out this podcast episode) but at the time are pretty terrible to go through. No matter what your role in the break-up, feelings get hurt and a lot of emotions will be stirred up – is there any way to avoid that?

How To Break-Up 8 Tips To Do It With Ease

These tips are designed to mitigate the potential anguish that can be involved in a break-up!

Kyle’s 3 Tips on How to Tell Your Partner You Want to Break-Up Without Hurting Them Even More

  1. Empathize

    Think about how what you are going to say to your partner will be received. Imagine being the one to hear the words you have planned to say. Feeling empathy for your partner whom you are about to dump is healthy!

  2. Rehearse

    I know this sounds a little morbid but rehearsing what and how you are going to break-up with your partner will help you say what you need to say when the time comes. Often we start a serious conversation without much for-thought or planning and can get really off track of what we meant to say. Plan it out a little.

  3. Stay Firm

    If you make the decision to break-up with your partner and you start that conversation – stick to your guns. If you decided to end your relationship, hopefully, you made it for good reasons, but if your partner doesn’t see it the same way you do, often they will try to convince you that whatever the issue is can be fixed. Now each circumstance is different – but as a general rule of thumb if you have decided break-up chances are that you are making the “healthy” choice for yourself – so if your partner tries to change your mind, don’t do it!

How To Break-Up 8 Tips To Do It With Ease

Rachel’s 3 Tips on How to Tell Your Partner You Want to Break-Up Without Hurting Them Even More

  1. Be Honest, But Not TOO Honest

    It’s important to be honest with your soon-to-be-ex-partner; however, there is no need to hurt them any more than the break-up itself will. You know what will hurt your partner – you were dating them! Use your judgment, but also read the situation. FULL honesty is not always the best choice. In fact, The Dad Podcast host Justin Worsham and I talk about that in this episode of his show!

  2. Make Sure You Know WHY, WHERE + HOW Before You Have “The Talk”

    This tip is actually quite similar in concept to Kyle’s tip of rehearsing. It’s important to know WHERE you are going to have this conversation, WHY you’re ending the relationship, and HOW you’re going to say it. Some things to think about include: {1} Do you want to do it in a public place or at one of your homes? {2} When you get asked the inevitable, “Why?” it will be easier for you to have an answer/reason prepared. {3} How are you going to deliver this information? In person? Letter? Phone? Combo?

  3. Have an Exit Strategy & Express it With Empathy

    I know, I know, exit strategies and empathy doesn’t exactly go together or are found in the same sentence. However, sometimes having an exit strategy is actually a way for you to show empathy (and respect) to the person you’re letting go. If you don’t know what I mean by an exit strategy, I’m talking about the way that you are going to leave after telling your partner you want to break-up. It will allow your ex-partner space to process what has happened. Additionally, when you’re talking, whether it’s as you’re leaving or not, have empathy. Period. 🙂

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Three from a licensed marriage and family therapist and three from a ‘normie.’ We hope that these can help you or someone you know and love during a break-up. Do you have a horrible break-up story? What about a successful and happy parting of ways? Share your stories with us in our Facebook Group!

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