Support + Education + Motivation + Fun + Connection =
The WWC Inner Circle


Wright Wellness Center is all about bridging the gap between a self-help book and a therapist’s couch; Part of that bridge is a community that is safe, educational, therapeutic, fun, inspiring and downright supportive.


Monthly Masterclasses

Each month, we’ll host a LIVE masterclass around sex, mental health or relationships.

Supportive + Private Facebook Group

A group that welcomes you, gets you, cheers you on, + lifts you up. 

Direct Interaction with both Rachel & Kyle

Get direct access to your fearless leaders!

Trainings from Guest Experts

Covering everything from hormones to depression treatments, we’ll bring our guest expert friends in to teach!

Special WWC Member Hub Access

Along with recordings of the live masterclasses, you will have access to a secret part of our Member Hub — just for Inner Circle members.

Peace of Mind

If something comes up in your life and you want a place to talk, share, and get honest, non-judgemental feedback — you have it. 

Who is the WWC Inner Circle for?


:: You love self-help

:: You love learning & improving yourself and your relationship

:: You want a community of other open-minded people

:: You believe in positivity, optimism, and that people are inherently good

:: You want a community of humans who ‘get you’

:: You dig both non-woo woo [therapy, medicine] and woo-woo [astrology, meditation] things you know that growth can happen inside of a community

:: You can handle curse words, talking about sex, and laughing at yourself occasionally.


We only have one rule for who can join…


We can’t wait to have you.

You guys used to have a free Facebook Group. Do you still have it? What's the difference?
We used to have a free Facebook Group! And then it started getting too big for what we created it for.

We want this community to provide massive value, be a safe and non-judgmental space to discuss what’s going on in our lives and relationships, and we want to protect the integrity of the space we’ve created.

If you were a member of our free group, this group will be VERY similar but with more interaction from Rachel & Kyle, monthly masterclasses (included in your membership), and be the safe and supportive space we want it to be.

Can I just purchase admission to the monthly masterclasses and not be a part of the community?

However, a ticket to the live monthly masterclass is $17 and the WWC Inner Circle is $15/mo and includes the masterclass. Totally up to you.

Why is the investment $15 a month?
When we as humans are invested in something financially, we tend to follow through and get more value from that something.

By charging only $15 we open the door for a lot of people to get high-quality teachings on relationships, sex, and mental health with a community. We wanted a place for the people who are really committed to doing the work but may not need 1:1 or a group program that is incredibly affordable.

The $15/month allows us to show up for you, encourages YOU to show up for you, and is an energetic exchange of value.

I’m worried about the fact that this is online. How confidential and private is it, really?
Not only are our online servers secured, but you don’t even have to leave your house. In many ways, this is more private than you driving somewhere. We know that we dive into a lot of sensitive topics and we value your privacy + confidentiality.
I don't want to pay anything. What other resources do you have?
Our podcast, blog, Facebook Page (with many FB lives), YouTube Channel, and Instagram are all free and full of value.
Who is Rachel? Who is Kyle? Is anyone else an admin in this group?
Rachel and Kyle Wright are the co-founders of Wright Wellness Center. You can read more about them here.

Along with Rachel and Kyle, WWC has a trusted team that will also be administrators in the group.

Don’t hesittate to reach out with any questions — we can’t wait to have you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions — we can’t wait to have you!