A 6-month therapeutic and educational support group program for you to heal, learn and grow — ultimately deepening your relationship with sex (and your libido!) so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your own skin + sex life. 

And yes, it’s ALL ONLINE!

There will be no more than 8 women in the group so we can stay cozy, feel safe, and it ensures you get the support you deserve…

Think bi-weekly group therapy + research-backed education + a private FB group of supportive sisters!


12 Bi-Weekly Group Sessions

90-Minute Sessions Held via Zoom

Supportive + Private Facebook Group

To process and unpack all that you’ll learn

Session Recordings

And chat transcripts so you can return back as often as you’d like!

Pop Up Trainings

Covering topics like medication and libido, tantric massage, breath work, cannabis + sex, and more

Access to Orgasms 101 Masterclass

To give you the foundational training you need to get started

Monthly Check-In Surveys

To make sure your needs are being met throughout the 6 months together

Ladies and Libidos is an amazing group!

It deals with the deeper issues of why your libido has dropped along with helping you work through your issues with each other. Rachel is amazing at asking the hard questions and getting to the root of the issue. Lori is wonderful at lifting you up and helping you find a calming center.

Each person has an amazing story to tell where you will most likely be able to relate in some form to each person. I did and was amazed that I was able to!
It’s definitely worth it not just for your relationship, but for yourself.

– Ashley M.

The group is co-led by myself (Rachel Wright) & Lori Knott.

Lori started working with me about 3-years ago as a therapeutic coaching client. She has incredible expertise in meditation, energetic healing {she’s a Reiki practitioner} AND has been through this journey – with me as her coach and cheerleader – and now she is teaming up with me to help other women transform how they relate to themselves and their sexual being!

Lori wrote a note just for you

 If you’re ready to join us now, click the button below. And, if you want to hop on a call and chat about it, shoot us an email: support@wrightwellnesscenter.com

I just want some tips and tricks to make my libido higher and my sex life better. Is this the place for me?
Well, yes and no. We will most definitely be going over tips and tricks, but we also focus quite heavily on the emotional and psychological components of libido and sexuality. So, if you want tips and tricks AND want to go deep – then yes 🙂 – this is the place for you!
I have trauma in my past, is that going to be okay?
Many women who have come through the Ladies & Libidos™ program have had trauma. Trauma is a unique experience and is not the same for everyone, which is why Lori + I personally meet with each woman before deciding if this is a good fit. You can set up a free consultation call by clicking here + filling out the form.
What are the 90-minute Zoom Meetings like?
Zoom is a video conferencing software that allows us to see each other’s faces all on the screen at the same time — making it feel as though we’re all sitting in one room. During the 90 minutes, we do breath work, check-in, and focus in on that month’s theme. We go over things like what brought you here and what you’re looking to gain from this program, your family of origin, oral sex, libido killers, infidelity, fluid sexuality, hormones, and much much more.
I’m worried about the fact that this is online. How confidential and private is it, really?
Not only are our online servers secured, but you don’t even have to leave your house. In many ways, this is more private than you driving somewhere. We know that this is a sensitive topic for most and we value your privacy + confidentiality.
What are “pop-up” trainings?
To add value and education to the program, without taking away any of your time in the Zoom meetings, we will ‘pop-in’ to the Facebook Group (and also add to your Member’s Area) and do trainings around libido-related topics. We will also invite guests to record trainings for you around areas that come up if we don’t have the expertise in that particular area.
Who is Rachel? Who is Lori? Is Kyle involved in this program?
Rachel Wright is the co-founder of Wright Wellness Center. You can read more about her here.

Lori Knott is a spiritual sex educator + energetic pharmacist. You can read more about her here.

Kyle Wright is the co-founder of Wright Wellness Center and while he does coaching of his own, he is not involved in this program — it’s a girls-only club!

Join us today and when you join you’ll get instant access to our WWC Member Hub – full of resources {including your access to our Orgasms 101 Masterclass!} – it’s ready + waiting for you!

Join today for instant access to our WWC Member Hub – full of resources {including your access to our Orgasms 101 Masterclass!} – it’s ready + waiting for you!