It might surprise you when I say that “the law is spiritual too.”

What? Huh? Legality and spirituality? 

You might be like most people, wanting to run the other direction when you hear anyone mention the law or lawyers or legal documents.  Hey, I don’t blame you. Most people’s experiences with lawyers generally aren’t fun, light or even pleasant.

The law and lawyers are often associated with lawsuits, litigation and a laundry list of bad names.

I get it.

But, what if I told you that the law could actually be a helpful and preventative tool to protect and support you and your family?

What if I told you that I call legal documents “green smoothies for your life?

Yep, that’s right. Legal documents, just like green smoothies, contain the vitamins and nutrients to creating peace of mind on the front end to PREVENT legal distress and emergencies on the back end.

Legal documents, like wills and trusts, actually can be incredibly effective ways to get clarity about your wishes for your family and for making charitable gifts. In fact, I believe that legal documents protect you and your family in both practical and energetic ways.

While most people don’t like to think of creating a will, for example, it is one of the most loving acts you can take for your family. In practical ways, having a will allows you to plan ahead and put your wishes in writing to make it easier for your spouse, partner, and family members down the road.

But I go so far as to say that legal documents protect you in spiritual ways too because they draw energetic lines in the sand and help you think ahead in determining what your wishes are so that there is no tension between family members. You can diffuse any awkward energy that might be lingering because everyone can be on the same page right from the start and that creates EASE.

Why is that important? Because like attracts like.

The more you can spell out your expectations in advance in a written legal document, the more you can model for your family members how to think ahead, plan for the future and talk through their desires and wishes too which creates for better family harmony. See what I mean? Like attracts like. For this reason, I like to say, “The law is spiritual too.” 

With clear written language and clear energetic boundaries, you can reduce misunderstandings and problems from happening which allows you to have a happier relationship with your family members – something that everyone wants!… Click To Tweet

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