Psychotherapist Rachel Wright is recognized as one of the freshest voices on modern and millennial relationships.
         She has been featured widely in the media including Cheddar TV, Cosmopolitan Magazine, NBC News Radio, mindbodygreen                and dozens more. She is also the host of the popular podcast
The Wright Reasons. Learn more at wrightwellnesscenter.com
                                                                 or by following @TheWright_Rachel on Instagram.


Psychotherapist Rachel Wright is recognized as one of the freshest voices on millennial and couple-preneur relationships. She and her husband Kyle co-founded Wright Wellness Center in 2016 to bridge the gap between a self-help book and a therapist’s couch. Together, they’re changing how we approach relationships, sex, and mental health.

With a Master’s Degree in clinical psychology, Rachel has worked with thousands of couples all over the world, helping them scream less and screw more. She has brought her message to stages across the globe, and is also a sex educator, writer, and co-host of the popular Bachelor-themed podcast, The Wright Reasons

Rachel has been featured widely in the media including Cheddar TV, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Simplify Magazine, InStyle, CNN, Women’s Health, NBC News Radio, Huffington Post, CNN, Refinery29, MindBodyGreen, Bustle, and dozens of other outlets. She currently lives in New York City, where she nurtures her love for all things musical theatre.


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