Holidays are a great time to relax and take some time to catch up on ‘me time.’ Except it doesn’t always happen that way. The holiday season means time with family right? But it can be stressful, busy and not as relaxing as you thought it would be. So let’s look at some ways to fit self-care into your days.

But first, why self-care?

So you have a family, and you have friends, it can be hard work keeping up with everyone. Looking after your friendships takes time and if your family includes small to medium sized children you also need to spend most of your time making sure they stay alive and well.

Where does self-care come into it? It’s quite simple really if you aren’t well how do you expect to successfully support your relationships?

Self-care can include friends and family. It isn’t about being selfish or running away to a retreat in the bush. Need to spend some time with your friends? Make a date to get pedicures, do a yoga class together or go on walking dates where you can catch up and get moving a great way to look after yourself. And how about including your family or gift them their own self-care buy a massage voucher for your stressed out friend, take your daughter on a shopping trip.

As well as these ideas on including other people in your self-care there are things you can do at home. Self-care doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend money at all! There are lots of things you can do at home including in your kitchen and DIY projects.

Here are 5 quick suggestions that I recommend which you can do for free at home:

  • 5 min Meditation – sit and breathe or find a guided meditation online
  • Yoga at home – search online for a free video to follow along with
  • Green smoothies- fuel your body with a nutritious snack or meal
  • Journal- feeling like you have lots of your mind, sit and write it all down on paper to help clear your head
  • Essential oils DIY beauty – make bath salts, add oils to your hand cream then give yourself a hand massage

My daily routine includes making time in the morning to meditate, journal and make a healthy breakfast. These things are non-negotiable and make my day up more productive. Sometimes it doesn’t happen in the morning, and I don’t feel as effective during the day if I haven’t taken some time for these things so I make sure I can get them done as soon as possible after waking in the morning.

If you add a few small routines to your day and make sure everyone in your house is on board with why you’re doing it and what you are getting out of it, you will find they don’t interrupt when they see you sitting quietly with your eyes closed, or when you’re at the table writing in your journal. They will respect that it is something you have set a boundary around.

During the holiday’s these things can be forgotten, but this is the most valuable time to make them a priority.

It is super important during the busy times like holidays you continue to make this time even if it means you have to change it around to suit where you are if you travel, who your around if someone has expectations of what you do during your time together. Start today by listing some new habits that you would like to build into your routine and don’t make it all or nothing. Add them in one at a time until you happily fit in all the new healthy habits that you listed.

And remember, happy holidays start with a happy you!

If you want to learn more about self-care around the holidays, check out episode #34 of our podcast. We interview Juliette Sakasegawa about planning for the holidays and ways to implement self-care. In fact, she’s running a challenge RIGHT NOW in her group on Facebook — check it out!

About the Author

Joan Redman from Fit your Fit Food is a Nutrition Coach who believes in self-care and making nutrition fit into your life. Joan is currently studying to become a Nutritionist and is enjoying sharing what she is learning along the way. Find you Fit Food offers Nutrition coaching and support. They specialize in one on one coaching that tackles nutrition plans and personalized self-care routines. They can help you reach your goals and customize a plan that suits a busy lifestyle. You can follow Joan & Find your Fit Food at and sign up for her newsletter at by clicking here.