Fun, crazy, intimate, pleasurable, ecstasy, awkward, loving, intense, wonderful, kinky, hot.. the list goes on and on.

Here are three positions that I have found to be big hits with my clients – for the various reasons explained below.


POSITION: “The Flatiron.”

What is the flatiron? The woman (or whoever is ‘bottom’) lays down on her stomach while her man (or whoever is ‘top’) straddles her. You can try putting a small pillow underneath your abs laying on your stomach for a different angle. Then, the woman raises her hips towards him, to help facilitate deeper penetration. The tighter fit feels really fantastic for him and intensifies vaginal pleasure (yay!).

Also, if you’re a bit self-conscious about your stomach (no need to be, by the way), this creates a comfortable position that can help boost confidence during sex. This position will truly allow both of you to feel the intimacy and closeness that you’d get with missionary but indulges a little bit in your more primal instincts.


POSITION: “The Curled Angel” or “Spooning.”


This position is pretty fantastic for a number of reasons.

#1 It’s a lazy position – and honestly, sometimes, a lazy position is the best for everyone involved! Now, don’t be fooled. Just because it’s a “lazy” position, doesn’t mean it’s any less pleasurable. This position has excellent clitoral access for both people involved. While this simple position lacks eye contact, neither partner has to take the body weight of the other, which is nice when you’re just too tired!

#2 It’s a fantastic position for pregnant women because the baby bump is fully supported! Many couples have questions about sex during pregnancy and while your OB/GYN will be able to answer any and all questions that you have about the baby, safety, pleasure, etc. there is sometimes a mental/psychological component attached. That may be where someone like me, or another professional can step in and help.

#3 You can totally have morning breath and it’s okay. I mean, haven’t you ever woken up to kiss your partner and immediately recoil because of, well, the smell of their breath?! With this position, they could have halitosis from hell — and you won’t smell a thing. WIN!


POSITION: “The Fantastic Rocking Horse.”


This position is extra passionate because it gives you the opportunity to include a LOT of eye contact during your sex-sesh. Oh, I like that. Sex-sesh. I’m totally using that from now on. Ok, back to topic. So, the rocking horse position is when the man (or whoever is penetrating) sits cross-legged and leans back, either on a wall or supporting himself with his hands. She kneels over his lap and starts hugging him with her thighs and starts to lower herself down.

This way, the woman is in charge of the speed and depth of penetration and whoever is sitting down can relax and cop a feel! This position has excellent clitoral access, and it’s great for female g-spot stimulation. Plus, since men are visual creatures, this plays to their senses. This gives control to both of you, but with different aspects. Women (or ‘top’), it gives you control on top for speed and penetration. And men (or ‘bottom’), it gives you full control to touch and tease your partner while they try to control other things. Sounds fun, huh?



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