the A sex toy guide? Oy. That sounds like a massive undertaking. And, honestly, it is! We are going to do our very best to make this sex toy guide one that is easy to reference and digest. It is our hope it makes you blush and get excited – in the best way! We encourage you to read through this sex toy guide alone and with your partner(s), and then have a conversation about the information that you learn!

What is a sex toy?

A sex toy is an object or device used for sexual stimulation or to enhance sexual pleasure. Simple, right?!


Solo Toys for Females

There are many different types of sex toys meant for female use; we could not get to each one. With that being said, this does a good job at giving an overview of our favorite. If you have any specific questions, comment below or shoot us an email!

The Rabbitsex-toy-guide

The rabbit is one of the best-selling types of sex toys, and that’s because it works! Rabbits get the job done. But, seriously. The central concept here is that something is penetrating your vagina (tip: clenching your kegels around the toy when you’re about to climax adds to the intensity of the muscle contractions) and something that is stimulating and vibrating on, near, and around your clitoris. Most women orgasm clitorally, so these toys are a no-brainer. There are many variations on this design. The penetrative portion can do different things or just be still, and the rabbit ears can be one ear, two ears or have a third nub, like the photo above displays.

Rabbit-Style Vibrators That We Recommend:

Non-Penetration Toys


If penetration isn’t your thing, a wand like this may be your new BFF. Just a good ol’ fashioned personal massager, it can also be used all around your clitoris for stimulation without any penetration.

No-Penetration Toys We Recommend:

Toys to Access Your G-Spot


The female G-Spot is a sensitive area of the anterior wall of the vagina believed by some to be highly erogenous and capable of ejaculation. Well, at least that’s the Google search definition. We’re talking more about this in our Orgasms 101 Masterclass; however, G-Spots are a mystery to many. It can be hard to reach anatomically, and a toy like this can make a challenging task quite simple. This wand is meant to be inserted and will automatically find your g-spot as you insert it.

Our Favorite G-Spot Toys:


Solo Toys for Males

Our culture is more comfortable with talking about female sex toys. However, there are a lot of solo male sex toys on the market. Things like Fleshlights or Fleshjacks started blowing up the sex toy market around 2009. If you’ve never seen one before, think of a paper towel roll that has been transformed to look like a vagina or butthole.

While some are meant to look like the body part itself, others are artistically designed and focus on discretion and function. For example, check out Tenga 3D Penis Manual Masturbator. And if you’re looking for even more discretion, check out these one-time use masturbation eggs. {This is by far the most unique thing we found during our research}

There are plenty of other masturbatory toys on the market and most of them, like the Fleshlight and Fleshjack, are pretty self-explanatory by looking at them. However, there is a type of male sex toy that gets overlooked due to many reasons, and we’re going to discuss it now!

Prostate Stimulating Toys


You may be looking at this and thinking.. wait, what? What goes where? Huh? Again, we’re going into the stimulation piece at a later time, but this involved looking toy is quite simple. You can check out more information about prostate toys and their use on LoveHoney’s website. And, let’s clear one thing up right here right now… this has nothing to do with your sexuality. All men can enjoy prostate stimulation; no matter who their partner is.

Our Favorite Prostate Toys:


Together Toys

Contrary to popular belief, sex toys are not just for solo play! Using a toy, or toys, together can help increase your communication and will result in a more pleasurable sexual experience. Every single one of our bodies is different, and since we do not read minds, it’s important to communicate. Shopping for toys, using the toys, and talking about the toys can help facilitate that discussion.

Every single one of our bodies is different, and since we do not read minds, it’s important to communicate. – @thewrightrachel Click To Tweet

Cock Rings

Cock rings are fantastic things for some and hell for others. The one pictured above looks way more complex than it needs to be – however, the basic idea is that the ring goes around the penis. There are tons of variations on this basic idea, like the one pictured above with the vibrating rabbit. So, each time the male enters into a female partner, her clitoris would be stimulated by the vibrating rabbit.

Our Favorite Penis Rings:

The WeVibe


Learn more and get your WeVibe HERE. Also, the same amazing company that created the WeVibe made The Womanizer, which we love. Check it out HERE!

Anal Play

First, let’s acknowledge that if you’ve made it this far reading… HOORAY FOR YOU! This stuff can make some very uncomfortable, but it’s a part of life and a huge part of our relationships – with ourselves and our partners (our sexuality, that is). Sex toys are tools to help to enjoy and discover more.

There are many reasons why you may want to try a type of anal play toy. Maybe you’ve never tried it before and are curious, or perhaps your partner has mentioned they want to explore this and you’re not sure how you feel about it! If you’re new to anal play, it’s all about making sure you’re starting with the size that you’re most comfortable first and that you’re using the best personal lubricant possible.


Chelsea McCain of Adult Empire explained that, while anal beads act as a massage while they’re in the body — their biggest benefit is actually the feeling of removal during or just before orgasm.

sex toy guide wright wellness center

Notice that each of the toys have an ending that prevents it from entering up into the anus to disappear forever and ever? The beads have the circle grabber, the plug has the base, etc. Having something at the bottom of any anal toy helps with inserting and removing the toys.

We really like the Casanova Silicone Anal Beads from Good Vibrations.


Anal training is exactly what it sounds like: it’s taking the time, care, and necessary steps to help your body prepare for anal sex, says

Kinkly says that anal training is a necessary step for anal sex. It helps make sure that the anus gets used to being penetrated.

Anal training can be done alone or with your partner(s) and can be an incredibly erotic experience. We like the Snug Plugs from Good Vibrations.


One of the many benefits of butt (anal) plugs is that they allow you to focus on other pleasurable areas, while they stay in with little effort.

Anal Plugs We Recommend:


How you use a double ended dildo is totally up to you. If you’re using it alone, the curved shape helps with double penetration and if you’re wanting to use it with a partner, the more rigid kind is more efficient.

Cleaning Your Toys

Considering that these are {potentially} going in and around vital parts of your body with many mucous membranes, it’s very very very important to keep your toys clean. A lot of retail stores will sell cleaners – almost anywhere you can buy a sex toy, you can get a cleaner for it. Finally, be sure to read the instructions for your particular toy though; some just need some soap and hot water! We recommend Anjou’s Water-Based Foaming Cleaner.

We also love Pjur’s Med Clean Cleaner Spray from our friends at Vavven.

What material is best to get?

Because sex toys are considered novelties in the business world, they do not have any safety regulations. ?Therefore, it’s incredibly important to know what type of material the toy you’re purchasing is made of — for your own safety! Most cheap sex toys are made of plastic, which typically contains a chemical called phthalate. Phthalate is banned in children’s toys but still found in many sex toys on the market.

Why is this chemical is harmful? Well, it’s an endocrine system disruptor. Your endocrine system is responsible for releasing hormones into your body and bloodstream. So, you can imagine that when the system gets disrupted, it can cause all sorts of problems with both mental and physical health. When a sex toy is used, it gets warm (just like the vagina), which makes the toy “sweat” out the phthalate.

Remember, we’re looking out for you with this sex toy guide. So, if something isn’t great for your health – we’re gonna let you know!

Okay, so now you know what not to buy. The toys that sweat and omit phthalate. Yuck.

But, what DO you buy?

There are many other options aside from plastic. Here are some main ones:


Glass sex toys are unbelievably durable – which makes them typically one of the most expensive types of toys. They’re made of a glass called borosilicate and don’t even shatter if it’s dropped. Glass toys are tasteless, odorless, smooth, and rigid.


Latex is a type of rubber that can be made easily into some crazy-ass shapes. Sex toys that are made with latex need a lot of love and care while cleaning. Typically, they’re flexible and rubbery — with a slight rubbery smell and taste.


Metal is a fantastic material for a sex toy because it’s non-porous, skin-safe, durable and waterproof. BUT, because of composition, it’s very rigid and heavy. It feels cold and smooth, is odorless, and has no taste.


This is just plastic without the bad chemicals. Plastic is typically the cheapest option when it comes to sex toys. It’s our least favorite type of material to recommend because the plastic isn’t regulated! (and we care about what’s going into our bodies!)


Our favorite material to recommend, silicone is odorless, tasteless, and super smooth. It’s hypoallergenic and is non-porous, making it easier to clean. Also, silicone lasts a really long time, so it’s a sound investment. Silicone is used widely in making sex toys for both men and women. There has been lots of research on the safety of silicone due to the increase in usage of it in cooking tools.

Lubricants and Sex Toys

The appropriate type of lubricant to use depends on the material of the sex toy. This is SO important to understand. So, we’ll type it again ?…


The appropriate type of lubricant to use depends on the material of the sex toy.


Generally speaking, there are four types of personal lubricants: silicone-based, water-based, hybrid, and oil-based lubricants.

Silicone-Based Personal Lubricant

Made from silicone molecules (duh), silicone-based lubricant stays on the surface of the skin and doesn’t absorb, keeping the moisture present for a pretty damn long time. This is because of the size of the molecules themselves. It’s breathable and long-lasting — so it’s a great personal lubricant for intercourse, however, it SHOULD NOT be used on silicone sex toys. (More on that in a little bit)

Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Made from water (again, duh), this type of lubricant actually absorbs into the skin, providing moisture to the mucous membranes. This helps alleviate vaginal dryness, however, because the water absorbs into the skin, it needs to be re-applied to keep the moisture present over the course of time. Similar to chapstick on your lips — it absorbs and then needs to be re-applied! (Public Service Announcement: Please DO NOT use chapstick anywhere near anyone’s vagina. Thanks.)

Hybrid Personal Lubricant

Made from mostly water with some silicone, hybrid lubricants are exactly what they sound like — a mixture of the two types discussed above.

Oil-Based Lubricant

Made from oil, we don’t recommend these. Why?

  • Oil-based lubricants cannot be used with latex condoms, as oil corrodes latex. Eeek!
  • There is an increased risk of infection and irritation in the genital area.
  • It’s not water-soluble and leaves an icky residue that is pretty challenging to wash off.

MANY of the cheaper personal lubricants out there are oil based, so it’s important to read the bottle and look for oil ingredients like petroleum.

IMPORTANT FACT: If you’re prone to vaginal dryness or yeast infections, stay away from personal lubricants with glycerin in them. In addition to glycerin, there are a few other ingredients you’ll want to avoid if you’re more sensitive to irritation. You can read about those here.

Which Lubricant Is the Best for My Toy?

  • GLASS: Water-based and silicone lubricants.
  • LATEX: Water-based and silicone lubricants.
  • METAL: Water-based and silicone lubricants.
  • PHTHALATE-FREE PLASTIC: Water-based and silicone lubricants.
  • SILICONE: Water-based lubricants only!!! The silicone lubricant on the silicone toy can eat itself! Gross!

Don’t Feel Like Reading a Bunch of Bottles?


Here are the Personal Lubricants That We Highly Recommend:


Good Clean Love Almost Naked

Pjur Sensitive Glide 

Sliquid Naturals Silk

Wet Natural Beautifully Bare


  • While this sex toy guide is as up to date as possible, things are constantly changing. If you find an error or have a question about something written above, leave a comment below or shoot us an email!




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