Can we first acknowledge what I’m sure you’re thinking… “Rachel, why do I NEED to know these sexual phrases?”

I’ll give you three good reasons to continue reading:

  1. Yourself
  2. Your Kids
  3. Your Partner(s)

Let me explain.


Ignorance is not bliss, my dear. Ignorance leads to some yucky things. Have you seen the musical Spring Awakening? Or seen the statistics on abstinence-only education? Any opportunity that you have to educate yourself on anything that’s not going away anytime soon, like sex, it’s important to do so!

Your Kids

If you have kids, they’re going to grow up into teenagers, and then into adults. And, guess what, that means they’re going to learn about and have sex. In fact, they may even get curious about their body parts and pleasure as young as 16 months old. Yep, you heard me. 16 months!

So, when your kid Googles “porn stuff” and comes to ask you what “bukkake” is, what do you do? Do you want to be the parents that their kids can come to or have them asking their friends or googling the phrase?

Kids these days have access to all of the information they want, in their pocket. Therefore, the more that you know, the more your kids will trust you as a trusted source.

Your Partner(s)

This one seems the most obvious… you may want to try some of the below with your partner(s). Also, as a reminder, some of these are more extreme than others. Just because you’re going to learn about things, doesn’t mean you have to do those things.

I learned Algebra, many times, and I don’t do it.. ever. You probably know what anal sex is, but not everyone has done it! No pressure. Just learn.

Then, if one (or more) of the below sounds interesting to you.. perhaps share this article with your partner, or tell them about what you read. A great time to do this is during the WWC Family Meeting. If you haven’t checked it out yet, give this link a click, and it will open up a new tab for you.



  • Communication is KEY to enjoying sex and experiencing the full psychological benefits of being physically intimate.
  • Never do ANYTHING that you don’t want to do or don’t feel comfortable doing. Always always always talk to your partner about what you want and need.
  • Consent is ALWAYS required. Have a safe word if you’re trying something a little more ‘out of the box’ 😉
  • These are all REAL phrases or acts that people do. When discussing this and anything else in our free Facebook Group or Member Hub, please be respectful and come from a place of curiosity and non-judgment.

12 Sexual Phrases to Learn:

Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace is when a man ejaculates sperm on a woman’s neck.

Golden Shower

A golden shower is when someone urinates on their partner.


Rimming is performing oral sex on someone’s anus.

Bear Claw

A bear claw is a vagina with large lips (labia).


Menthol (verb) is the act of performing oral sex on someone while eating a mint.


Edgeplay refers to risky and dangerous sexual behavior.


Felching is the act of ejaculating inside someone’s anus and licking or sucking the semen out.


Queening is when a woman sits on a man’s face to let him perform cunnilingus on her.


Snowballing is exchanging body fluids with your partner(s) using your mouth.


Tribadism is when a woman rubs her vulva on her partner for sexual excitement.

Dirty Sanchez

A Dirty Sanchez is when a man rubs his penis on a girl’s face and lips after having anal sex.


Bukkake is the act of a lot of men ejaculating on a woman’s face at the same time.


A queef is a vaginal fart.

Pony Play

Pony Play is an act of BDSM where one of the partners is made to behave like an animal.


Creampie (verb) is the act of ejaculating inside a vagina or anus.


I hope that you learned something or were able to clarify a term or two!

If you have any follow-up questions about these terms, bring em’ into our online community on Facebook and discuss them! You can request access by clicking here. You’ll see that we discuss each blog post – be it original or guest. Additionally, we talk about the podcasts, other current events, and tons of other sex, mental health, relationship, & wellness stuff. ✨

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