Valentine’s Day without love? You may be confused by this statement. After all, isn’t this supposed to be the day when cupid strikes lovers with his arrow, and the magic happens?

In case you didn’t realize it’s 2018. And love doesn’t have the same definition as it did back when a flying baby-man in a diaper was aiming a bow and arrow at love interests.

Love can be found in so many things.

The love between a mother a child, a girl and her dog, and most importantly love for oneself. Are these not as important on this national holiday as those who are head over heels googly-eyed over each other? I think so.

So, Valentine’s Day without “LOVE” (that old uptight definition of it at least) is possible. Because Valentine’s Day today with the larger, more encompassing definition of love is what the holiday SHOULD celebrate.

And I think the new generation agrees with me.

The New York Post recently reported that millennial spending on Valentine’s Day for pets will grow by 27 percent this year and reach $751 million according to the National Retail Federation.

That’s a lot of catnip and chew toys!

And worth every penny in my eyes.

I get it. I totally get it. I love my Rottweiler, ICE, more than some people probably love their own siblings. Have you ever had a really crappy day at work and couldn’t even put to words how Sally’s complaining or Peter’s ability to only talk about sports and still get a promotion made you feel inside yet your pet knew, they just sensed it and spent some extra snuggle time to be sure you were aware how much you meant to them?

This is the kind of love to be celebrated, and there are hundreds of other variations of this scenario to describe love.

So even if they don’t make a Valentine’s Day card to explain your kind of love, or if dating hasn’t exactly been on your priority list for 2018, don’t you dare spend the day hiding under a blanket on the couch drowning in sappy movies (unless you enjoy that kind of thing) and get out there, and celebrate Valentine’s Day and yourself and the things YOU love, because YOU matter. <3

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About the Author

Stefania Viscusi is a freelance writer based in Connecticut with a passion for self-awareness and betterment. When she’s not blogging and writing content for brands across the globe, she’s spending time in her backyard gardening or doing yoga.