In this episode, we talk with Sarah Nannen about her journey through grief after losing her husband in a plane crash and how she came out on the other side. Listen in as we talk about finding yourself, being vulnerable and unapologetically you.

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Show Notes

About Our Guest

Sarah Nannen is grief management specialist and life coach for widows. A best-selling author of Grief Unveiled: A Widow’s Guide to Navigating Your Journey in Life After Loss, Sarah thrives on helping widows grieve with intention while choosing to live powerfully too.

Her dynamic background as a yogini, birth doula, Navy veteran, professional life coach and mother allows her to integrate the deepest wisdoms and thoughtful practices into a healing experience that is as accessible as it is deeply transformative.

Sarah is committed to helping widows find empowerment and inspiration within themselves so they can live with passion and purpose in life after loss.

Through courageous conversations using vulnerability as a super-power in her book, podcast and coaching programs, Sarah stirs something in widows that allows them to honor their stories of “what has been” while moving with clarity toward living the life of their new dreams.

She lives in central Illinois with her fiancé and their four children.