Ever hear the story of a guy named Murphy? He had this law…

For those of you who don’t know, Murphy’s Law is an old adage that states: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

Another, perhaps, more direct way of saying it is: “Fuck you and your plans, life decided that something else is more important.”

We can only do our best to make plans that are decently resistant to Murphy, and his law, but what happens when the uncertainty of life (which is what I feel like Murphy’s law is a metaphor for) REALLY decides to mess with you?

What do you do when all of your best-laid plans go to hell? Throw in the towel and go home? Try to make the best of it? Give life “the bird” and go do something else?


I once set up a SUPER fun week for Rachel as a surprise. She had friends coming in from out of town, going to a big food fair, and we both had (secretly scheduled) extra days off of work that week. I even had tickets to one of her favorite shows! All together it took me about two months to plan all of that behind Rachel’s back. (Rachel is crazy good at figuring out surprises before they happen, to the point where I had to scrap three different marriage proposal ideas because she guessed what I was going to do BEFORE I could even set the plan up. That’s why it took four months to plan that one week!)

The week arrived, surprises had been unveiled, and friends got into town. Then EVERYTHING happened. The weather got terrible. The car broke down. Friends had to go home early. Rachel and I got into an argument about something super inconsequential. I twisted my ankle. The food from a supposedly fantastic restaurant was actually terrible. Nothing went the way I planned it.

How do you salvage a week like that?

I mean, you don’t have to try to recover it.

Sometimes a shitty week is just that - a shitty week. - @thewrightkyle Click To Tweet

Often though, we allow one or two (or ten) bad things in a row dictate how the whole week will go. It’s super easy to get caught up in a wave of negativity and even easier to ride that wave like super angsty surfer for the next few days.



Here are a few of my favorite tricks to re-direct a weird week, and to tell Murphy to fuck off.

1. Re-arrange the week.

Started raining and all your plans were outside? Take 45 min. at a cafe and find a bunch of fun stuff to do inside. Or, do the things you wanted to do and bring umbrellas!

2. Fuck the plans!

Cancel all of it. Get the popcorn, ice cream, snacks, booze, (whatever medicinal compounds you prefer if that’s your thing), build a blanket fort in the living room and have a movie night.

3. Cook the plans.

I LOVE to cook. It’s my main hobby. If you have fun food plans that get messed up (restaurant closed, people canceling) invite whoever you were going to eat with over to your house and do a fun cooking night!  Try making a new dish! It doesn’t have to be a super fancy plate of food if cooking isn’t your strong suit. Make Mac and Cheese! There are literally thousands of websites dedicated to providing simple, delicious recipes for people like us.

This one is my personal favorite, and I am a little biased. Can you tell?

4. Fuck that week right back.

That sounds weird. Do the things anyway! Take one good look in the eyes of Murphy’s Law and say NO! Screw you, Murphy! I am gonna do it anyway! This isn’t always the easiest option, but having fun in the face of challenge can be very liberating.

Example Story Time! Rachel and I almost got T-Boned in Chicago on the way to a really fancy and hard to get into restaurant. Our rideshare driver pulled a dumb move and almost got us killed. We really wanted to cancel the dinner and just go lay down and try to calm down, but instead, we went and had some super refreshing cocktails at the closest bar we could find and went along with our dinner as planned. We ended up having an incredibly fun and memorable night that we almost let get away from us.

So, those are a few of my tips (and some real-life stories) to make the most out of a frustrating, annoying or asshole week. If you are having one of these weeks, and don’t know what to do, let me know! Shoot me an email! If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can also message me super easily!