2018 has been a whirlwind! Both of us were sick for the first week and then bounced back with a vengeance! We have SO MANY GREAT THINGS for you now and as we continue into 2018.

Coming up soon is Wright Wellness Center’s ONE year anniversary of existing on the internet, which is something we can’t really believe.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Now that “Bohemian Rhapsody” is in your head (you’re welcome!) – we can’t wait to tell you all about what you can expect. We are starting the year off with a bunch of exciting new free and paid educational and therapeutic opportunities for you!

First off, we come back to our podcast with a DOUBLE release this week! In episode 40, you’ll hear our hopes for the podcast this year + some changes we’re making + a discussion about being open to receiving and sex in marriage. Then, in episode 41, we interviewed the incredible Lisa Carpenter about her new book launch — and how sometimes life’s biggest challenges can sometimes lead us in an amazing direction.

Here is a summary of what has been going on with us and Wright Wellness Center since 2018 started:

#1. We have over 500 individuals in our Therapeutic Online Community aka Our Private Facebook Group

That means there are over 500 beautiful humans who want a space to be open, learn, heal, and connect. Growing and nurturing our amazing community is so close to our hearts, it really means so much that we have so many open hearts in one place. If you’re not in the group yet, you can check it out here.

#2. There is a new page on our website with ALL of our offers

While our offerings are often changing to serve you the best way we can, there is finally one page with all of the ways you can work with us. Check it out here. 

#3. There are only 2 spots left for the special RYR + Rx Assessment Special Offer

If you have no idea what we’re talking about you can check out this post or this video.

We can’t wait to support those of you who are feeling called to gain a deeper understanding of your relationship and then have the exact tools to support you in creating and sustaining and loving, healthy, intimate and passionate relationship!

#4. Ladies & Libidos started enrolling THIS WEEK

Here are some of the details.

Ladies & Libidos™ is a 6-week therapeutic and educational support group program for you to heal, learn, and grow — ultimately deepening your relationship with sex (and your libido!).

We enroll a new, small group every 2-ish months. This enrollment period is January 13-20, and we’ll start meeting on Thursday, January 25th.

There will be no more than 8 women in the group (so we can stay cozy, and you get the support and love you deserve)! The group is co-led by myself & Lori Walker Knott.

It’s really important to both myself and Lori that this program is accessible to anyone who is committed to themselves and their journey. Additionally, this group is open to all sexualities and anyone who identifies as female.

If you’re feeling a pull, listen.

Want to know more about it? CLICK HERE.

#5. This month’s Community Masterclass is called ANXIETY 101

It will be on Wednesday, January 15, 2018, right in our group. You can RSVP and get more details here.

#6. We’ll be doing WEEKLY Facebook Lives on our Page

If you didn’t catch the one about all the updates + why we just despise new year’s resolutions, you can check it out here. And, make sure you’re signed up for live notifications!

#7. All of the blogs (or any other content) made by one of us will fall under 1 of 3 categories:

Mental/Emotional Health, Sex, or Relationships

For all other wellness topics, we are committed to finding experts to come on our podcast + write guest blogs! That way, we can all be educated in other areas of wellness.


That is a LOT of new great stuff!

It’s almost like we weren’t sick at all at the beginning of the year!

One thing we are really focused on in 2018 (we talk about this on our first podcast of 2018) is being flexible this coming year, so we want to know what you think. Because remember, we’re here to serve YOU!

Cheers to a faaaaaaabulous 2018!


Our blog posts will go back to normal after this catch-up one, we promise. 🙂